My husband doesn’t like chocolate.  Of any variety, like at all.  I tell you what, when I found that out while we were dating, it was almost a deal breaker… but then I realized I would literally never have to share a brownie with him and I thought, win/win.  Anyways, because of his general distaste for all things chocolatey, Mr. has almost no experience ordering hot cocoa at Starbucks.  Shocking, I know.  So, yesterday was cold.  Like the snow from Sunday (don’t ask) in our backyard refused to melt cold, which means that in the afternoon as we were out and about, running errands I felt that I needed a hot cocoa from Starbucks and stat, because the car heater just wasn’t doing to for me.  Also, hot cocoa is basically my favorite non-person thing on earth, (and I own that fabulous chunky green sweater above, so that’s saying something.)  Anytime it’s below 75 degrees I feel like I deserve a hot cocoa.  Anyways, we pulled into the Starbucks drive through and Mr. ordered for me, I told him at Starbucks a “tall” actually means small, which makes sense to nobody, but whatever.  He ordered, and when he was done (because he knows how I feel about whipped cream,) he asked the girl if whipped cream came standard with the hot chocolate.


It’s not a car, it’s a cocoa.

L.O.L.  times a million.

i love him.



Old Navy: shorts. thermal. scarf. leggings. Target: booties. bag(similar). Ring: TJmaxx.(similar) Sunglasses: H&M (these are amazing.)

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21 thoughts on “standard.

  1. I love reading your posts they are so warm ;) not to mention this sounds like a conversation I would have with friends. The exception being that the Mister does not like white chocolate and tuna fish (the only foods I can not get him to eat), not together of course or separate for that matter. run. on. sentence. But there is my win I adore tuna fish, it’s not really drive through food though alas I will have to share drinks still.

  2. i’ve been toying with the idea of getting some booties. generally i’m pretty late to jump on trend bandwagons. but i think you’ve tipped me over the edge….target here i come!

  3. I’ve never seen you in leggings worn like that! You look great! And, your legs look so so tiny!! Like twigs! Love ya!

  4. oh my goodness i couldn’t agree more about starbucks hot cocoa. it is the end all. i, too, order it at the slightest chill in the weather. it is SO WONDERFUL. also, that scarf is outstanding. going to get myself three tomorrow. happy fall!

  5. Okay I may have laughed at this story and read it twice. Love it, totally a conversation my Mr. and I would have and he would TOTALLY order my hot chocolate and ask the same question. An Engineer MBA is always thinking in terms of mechanics and never in terms of italian drink sizes and whipped cream!

  6. Have you tried the peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks? It’s so good that I don’t order the “regular” hot chocolate anymore. In the last picture it looks like your hair is shoulder length, which looks great on you!

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