currently craving: luxe neutrals.

dress. lace top. sunglasses. leather jacket. strappy heels. necklace. skirt. bag. lace-up heels.

 Just a few gorgeous luxe neutrals I’m currently craving… I mean that studded Michael Kors bag?  Come on.

Happy Weekend Eve everyone!


clasic red and blue nautical outfit

classic nautical outfit

nautical insta

nautical outfit

nautical spring look

navy striped shirt with nautical theme

navy striped top with red word

striped shirt wide leg red pants

Top: Gap. Pants: Loft. (last year.  similar here and here.) Bag: Target. (just bought this one, can’t wait till it gets here.) Shoes: ASOS. (similar here for under $60.) Trench: Loft. (also love this one.) Sunglasses: Kate Spade.

Just a classic spring nautical outfit for you on this lovely Wednesday.  (How is it Wednesday already?!)

This top is basically too good not to share.  I’ve been waiting for a top like this for years, years I tell you! (Just kidding.)  But seriously, I love the stripes and the slouchy fit, but most of all I love the quirky word.  Not sure if I’d call myself a voyager, but I’d like to be…

I’ve got several trips coming up this spring and I’m so excited.  I love to travel.  I’m heading to Dallas next week (never been, give me tips on where to eat, fun stuff to do!) for a conference.  Then we’re taking our kids to Disneyland for spring break (so excited), I’m heading east for a little cousin reunion later in April and then to Utah sometime in May when my sister has her baby. (I’m getting a new niece, yay!)

I don’t know about you, but I start mentally packing for a trip several weeks before I go.  That doesn’t mean I’m not scrambling the night before to get everything packed and ready, but I think it kind of makes the anticipation of a trip a little more fun…

I’ll share some of my spring packing tips in the next few weeks.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

voyager shirt gap

how I unwind: 6 tips for relaxing when you’re a mom.

silk pjs good book_edited-1

how to relax

cup of tea and a pretty pair of pajamas
cute anthropologie mug

good book and a cup of tea
kicking back with a good book

silk pajamas

something good anthro mug

cup of tea and comfy pjs

pjs. book. mug. duvet. pillows: 1,2,3. tray. candle. throw. swiss cross (made by me, similar here and here.)

I know that everyone is busy, I don’t think I’m alone in that, but one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn how to do as a mother, is find a way to relieve stress.  Especially once I had 4 kids, because there is always someone vying for attention.  Now that I run two businesses on top of being a mom, it’s easy to feel like I’m never off the clock.  Just the idea of that stresses me out.  Taking time out of my life every week to just unwind has become a vital part of my routine.  It helps me to think clearer, work more effectively, and be a generally more cheerful and happy wife and mom.

Here are my 6 tips for relaxing when you’re a busy –well anything.

1.Unplug. There are screens everywhere these days.  TV, computers, iPads, phones.  It’s easy to let all the screens in our life kind of run everything, but it’s really important to unplug.  And so many studies have shown how hard it is for our brain to truly relax when it never gets a break from the screen.  When I need to unwind, I make a rule for myself that all the electronic devices get put away.  I close my computer, put my phone in another room and (although we’re not much of a tv family)  I make sure that is shut off as well.

2. Be someplace nice and quiet.  Quiet is in short supply when you’re a mom of four, but I do try to find a few hours of peace a week, when Ava’s napping and the kids are at school or on a Sunday afternoon after church when the kids are playing quietly together.  I need that peaceful time to get centered again, and the older I get the more I realize how important quiet is.  I also can’t relax in a messy space.  So the first step for me is to clean up, or find a clean spot to take a break in.  I’ve historically neglected our master bedroom, because nobody sees it but me, Craig and the kids, so decorating it was always the last priority and it became the perpetual laundry dump.  In the last year or so I’ve realized how important it is for both me and Craig to have a retreat.  Especially a retreat that is a nice place to be in.  When I need to unwind, a clean, brightly lit space that’s put together in a way I like does wonders for helping me relax.

3. Put on something comfy but pretty.  I’m not much of a stay-in-my-yoga-pants person; I can’t relax if I feel like a slob, it actually has the opposite effect on me.  I just generally feel better when I’m dressed and ready for the day, but I also like lounge clothes as much as the next girl.  When I need to relax, one of my favorite things to do is put on something that’s both pretty and comfortable.  I feel less like a zombie mom when taking a break if my hair is fixed, makeup done and I’m wearing a pretty floral set of satin pajamas, and double bonus, they’re even more comfortable than a pair of sweats.

4. Put your feet up.  There’s nothing more relaxing for me that laying down somewhere super comfy.  I’m not a firm mattress girl.  I like my bed as soft and squishy as possible, with a million cozy pillows that I can just sink into and drift away.

5. Drink something warm and soothing.  I’ve been a hot cocoa girl my whole life, but in the last few years I’ve discovered my love for herbal tea as well.  (My favorite is Celestial brand Peach or Sleepytime Peach tea.  So good.)  Both do the trick to help me relax and while I slowly sip them all my stress just kind of melts away.

6. Get lost in a book.  I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people that has a really hard time turning my brain off.  I’ve always got a billion and one things I’m thinking about, mulling over, trying to keep straight.  When I need to check out of life, going into a quiet room just gives my brain all the room it needs to starts running over all the things I need to get done, who needs what, what deadline is coming up, and so on… Reading is one of the best ways for me to keep my brain engaged and also let it relax.  Filling my head with a good book does wonders for me, let’s me escape the normal stresses of life for a couple hours and I always feel refreshed after I’m done reading.  Plus, I think reading keeps my mind sharper.

Here are some of my favorite books ever to get lost in.

So how do you unwind?

swiss cross black and white layered bed

easter sunday.

easter sunday_edited-1

Dress. Blouse. Shoes.

I hope you had the loveliest of Easter Sundays.  My poor kids had the immense pleasure of an egg hunt in the pouring rain. (The Easter Bunny miscalculated the weather and hid them outside… whoops) But it was such a lovely day, even if getting a picture of this motley crew, where everyone is both looking at the camera and smiling, proved rather impossible.  Church was lovely, dinner was yummy, and the clouds cleared up enough for us to have a little fresh air, and a few minutes outside.  I’m looking forward to a delightful spring.

Most of all, grateful for our Savior.  His resurrection.  And the hope for all of us because of Him.

easter sunday 2_edited-1

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