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robe. necklace. kettleperfume. bag. pajamas. tea cup and saucer.

Mother’s day is the Sunday after next.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t actually love a big fuss made on Mother’s day.  I love being a mother and celebrating that gift, but I don’t really want to be spoiled or waited on hand and foot.  Mostly, I want to take a long nap, read a good book, and not have to cook…

Thoughtful gifts are my favorites.  Especially the handmade ones from my kids.  As an adult, that’s a little trickier…  My husband is really, really great at thoughtful gifts, and I’ve learned a thing or two from watching his gift giving all these years. The pieces don’t have to be spendy, the meaning is what counts.  Here are a few ideas:

A comfy robe: it’s pretty and it’s telling her that you think she deserves a break, while also looking and feeling lovely.

A colorful tea kettle: I’ve gone through at least 3 of these since we got married almost 12 years ago.  I love my tea kettles.  I use them for either cocoa or herb tea (mostly cocoa) and it’s my little indulgence everyday.  Ten minutes to just sit and drink something sweet and warm.  When my husband buys me a tea kettle, he’s telling me he notices the small things, and that I deserve that time.  A colorful kettle really brightens up the kitchen and adds a nice design element with a rather functional piece.

A subtle initial necklace.  Need I say more?

Perfume.  I don’t know about you, but I love to smell pretty.  Especially for mom’s of babies, or the littler little ones, who are often surrounded (or covered) by the not-so-pleasant smells of motherhood (i.e. spit-up, dirty diapers) a bottle of something sweet smelling can make you feel like a million bucks.  My husband bought me my first bottle of nice perfume about 6 years ago and it’s become a bit of a mother’s day tradition every few years.

Tea cup and saucer.  If something warm and sweet is a hug in a cup, that cup should be pretty. (plus I collect teacups and pretty mugs, so I always love it when my husband gets me a new one to add to the collection.)

Classic pajamas: again, you’re telling her that you think she deserves some rest, and to feel pretty while she’s getting it.

A great big bag.  Just because she’s carrying diapers, wipes, pacifiers, a spare change of clothes, two bags of cherrios and a month’s worth of receipts in it doesn’t mean her bag has to be shabby.  This one is on the high end of the gift spectrum and a bit of a splurge, but sometimes spoiling the person you love can be just as meaningful (when done sparingly of course).  It’s that whole, “you’re worth it,” idea.  Buying someone you love something really nice that you know they’ll love once in awhile, sends the simple and profound message that they are worth it to you.  A bag is always a great splurge idea, (especially a classic bag) and it will mean the world to her.

these and more thoughtful gift ideas below:


the third piece.

black crops, striped top with leopard pops

pops of leopard

casual outfit
stripes and a white blazer

casual spring outfit with stripes and leopard pops
casual spring outfit, white blazer leopard pops

Pants: Gap. (also similar here.) Blazer: H&M. (similar here and here.) Shirt: Forever21.  Necklace: Loft. (also similar here.) Shoes: Target. Belt: Target. Bag: Target. Sunglasses: H&M (similar.)

I love a great casual outfit.  Especially because I’m a mom and there are just days (read: most) when I’m going to be running around and I need my clothing to facilitate that.  The problem with a great casual outfit, especially one involving sneakers is that it can end up feeling a little basic, (i.e. boring.)  Enter the 3rd piece rule.

Basically, if what you are wearing (i.e. pants and a shirt) are pieces 1 & 2, then adding for example a jacket, blazer, statement belt or necklace, is that 3rd piece.  The piece that finishes it off, ties it all together, makes the outfit complete.

It’s not anything revolutionary or even new, but on the days when I’m feeling really uninspired about getting dressed, remembering the 3rd piece can help me finish off an outfit with ease.

casual spring outfit

Shop the look:


Great 3rd piece items to help you on your way:

Favorites from around the web today:

40% off spring sale styles and 30% off everything else at JCrew. (huge.)  use code: SALETHERAPY at checkout.

Summer is coming guys, and JCrew factory has 40-50% off shorts and tees for the whole family.

Have you seen the mind-blowing maxi dresses at Loft right now? (slow clap) Also, up to 75% off their sale items.

the bed and bath event is happening at Pottery Barn.  Save up to 40%.  hurry though, it ends today!

Loved this post.  5 fresh looks with Hanna Andersson.

Heard this cute couple on a podcast and now I just love their website.  It’s so much easier to enjoy a website when you feel a connection to the people running it.



silky floral summer dress

silky floral fit and flare dress pink shoes

silky floral fit and flare dress with pink accents

silky floral fit and flare dress for spring

pink clutch floral silk dress

pretty floral fit and flare dress spring



half up fishtail braid

floral fit and flare dress

pretty fit and flare dress

Dress: Sheinside. (c/o) Shoes: Nordstrom.  Belt: ?? (similar.)  Clutch: ASOS. (similar.)  Necklace: Loft.

So, yesterday was crazy.  As in our sample sale once again broke our website, and when you’re a mom/business owner and your website breaks in the middle of a sample sale while you’re simultaneously trying to potty train your 4th child, it means you’re in yoga pants until 1:30, your toddler dumps half and half all over the floor, and also spends the day naked running back and forth to the bathroom.  But, we survived, the website is (mostly) fixed and everyone was so, so nice about the whole thing it really warmed my heart.  Seriously, thank you all so much… I genuinely thought we were prepared this time, we beefed up our website and everything to prep.  Apparently, it wasn’t enough.  And the problem is, when something breaks, sometimes in order to fix it, you kind of have to break everything else in the process, and you guys, I am not technical.  Like not at all.  (and yes, I’ve tried) I speak clothes, not code.  And all things code writing just really, really stresses me out/intimidates me.  If you were frustrated please believe me when I say that I understand, even I was locked out.  On the bright side, your response to our little sample sale was truly humbling.  And if you didn’t get that piece you really wanted I promise I will try to make it up to you.

Also, somebody bring me a large dr. pepper.

please and thank you.

Isn’t this dress dreamy?  It’s so soft and silky, I could sleep in it. (and I may have done so… Sunday nap and all that.)  Fanciest pajamas ever right?   I love the quirky print and it’s such an ideal breezy spring fit and flare dress.  Also it’s under $30.  So…

floral fit and flare dress with pink accessories

Shop the post:



More dreamy dress all under $40:




set your alarm…

sample sale- date

it’s happening.

Monday morning, 9am sharp.

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