sunday night adventures: exploring the cascades.

sunday night adventures

  Dress: Sonnet James.  Jacket: Old Navy. Necklace: Similar. Flats: Target. Bag: Forever21.   Do you want to know something?  Almost no one in Seattle has air conditioning.  Do you want to know something else?  It still get’s warm here in the summer!  And it’s a wet warm, that just goes right through you.  So […]


summer to fall dress

  dress: Boden. (on major sale.) Sweater: Loft. Shoes: Joe’s Jeans via Amazon. (similar here,) Bag: Anne Klein. (similar.) Belt: Vintage.  Anchor necklace: posh locket.   I know our mothers/grandmothers have taught us that we should have two different closets, a cold weather closet and a warm weather closet.   And one should be tucked […]

blackberry pie.


  So in the field behind our house there’s a thick forest of blackberry bushes.  I say bushes, but really, these are vines covered in huge, child impaling razor sharp thorns which I have not-so-lovingly nicknamed the “weed of death.”  They’re an enormous pain 90% of the year.  Our fence is rendered useless by these […]

oh captain, my captain.


A sad, sad day yesterday and a good reminder that we should never judge.  I feel like I understand this better now than I ever have. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”


casual sweatshirt look

Sweatshirt: J Crew Factory. (love: this, this, and this.)  Boyfriend Jeans: ZARA. (great boyfriends: here, here and here.) Floral Clutch: Target. (old. similar here, and here.) Shoes: Joe’s Jeans via Amazon. (similar here, and here.)  Necklace: JCrew. (similar: here, here, and here.) Watch: Michael Kors.  Bracelet: similar. Sunglasses: Target. (also these.) Forgive me for a moment […]


cobalt and yellow

Shirt: American Eagle. (similar.) Skirt: My design. (find it here on sale.) Shoes: Old. (similar.) Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction. (similar.) The two things I love most about getting dressed in the summer: Bright colors and bold prints. Mmmm. Because you have to do it anyway, getting dressed should be fun.

relax, it’s linen.

linen 6

Dress: Loft. Pants: Cynthia Rowley. (similar.) Hat: JCrew. Shoes: Old. (similar.) Watch: Michael Kors.  Bag: Ivanka Trump. (similar.) Linen still is and always will be one of my favorite fabrics to wear.  So decidedly chill, and delightfully rumpled.  I can never understand when people complain about how it wrinkles.  The fabric is made to look […]

nautical farmer.

nautical farmer

Overalls: Target. (kids.  similar here and here.) Shirt: Boden.  Wedges: Forever 21. Bag: Target. So overalls are back in style.  I’m not going to lie, my high school self is pretty happy about that.  So is early college me–early college me used to live in overalls.  I’m loving the new sort of boyfriend jean spin […]