cori with an i.




Pants: Gap.  Sweater: Target. (also similar here.) Booties: Target. (similar.)  Jacket: Anthropologie.  Bag: Target. Hat: JCrew.

So, it looks like we’re slowly heading into frappaccino season.  I’m kind of a snob about my hot chocolate (I’m really specific about the way I make it) so I’m never super inclined to head to Starbucks for one, but their double-chocolate chip frappaccino?  That’s another story.  And I don’t know why, but every time I order a drink I feel inclined to spell my name for the person helping me.  “What’s your name?”  They ask me, and I’m all, “It’s Cori, with an I,” in a very Anne of Green Gables kind of way.  Why do I feel inclined to spell my name out?  Does it really matter if they spell it with a Y? (or an EY, or an IE, or an RRIE.-pretty much anything but how it’s actually spelled), probably not.  But for some OCD reason I always want it written with an I.

Whenever I want to really feel taller, I dress all in one color.  Do I actually look taller in real life?  I’m guessing not, but psychology…

Also, the cognac was kind of an afterthought on this outfit because it was just too chilly to be out without a jacket the other day, and this one is my favorite.  In retrospect, I’m getting a kind of Indiana Jones vibe with the hat and everything, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.  Although, Indiana was pretty bad-a so, you know.  We’re good.

black on black

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cozy pastels.

cozy pastels 6

cozy pastels 5

cozy pastels 4

cozy pastels 3

Jeweled Boyfriend Jeans: Loft. (on sale plus an extra 40% off!) Sweater: Target. (similar here.) Blazer: H&M.  (similar here.) Clutch: TJMaxx. (LOVE this blush one.)  Nude Pumps: Enzo Angiolini. (similar here and here.) Necklace: JCrew Factory. (similar.)

Cozy pastels, for those days when you feel like dressing for spring and the weather just won’t cooperate.

Hashtag: rain.

Admittedly, these heels were not the most practical for the rain, but hey, I’ve never been all that practical…

cozy pastels 2

post edit:

psssst. this dreamy Kate Spade handbag is $100 off today only. use code: minted at checkout.

(mint mojito color only)


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Favorite pastels for spring:





green spring.








Leather Skirt: Asos. (similar here and here.) Cardigan: Loft. Shoes: Lulus. (similar here, here and here.)  Bag: Anne Klein. (similar here and here.)  Sunglasses: H&M (similar here.)

It’s that time of year again, when all the trees start donning their blossoms and just basically showing off.  Though truthfully, if I could look that pretty at the end of winter, I’d probably show off too.

I’m usually all about pastels in the spring, but this deep Emerald cardigan had me at “jewels.”  Then imagine my delight when I realized how perfectly it paired with my new pair of floral pumps.  Have you jumped on the floral pump band wagon yet??  I knew it was bound to happen for me as soon as I saw them creeping up here and there.  I can’t wait to pair them with my boyfriend jeans…


ps: We’ve got a huge Easter Sale happening right now.

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Pick up something pretty for Easter Sunday!


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All the best floral pumps:



old san juan, puerto rico.

casual tropical vacation look

black and white top with mint pants

caribbean vacation look

caribbean vacation outfit

old san juan fort 2

casual vacation look

old san juan fort

puerto rico vacation look

san juan

san juan fort

Pants: JCrew Factory.  Top: JCrew Factory. (similar here and here as well.) Bag: Kate Spade.  Hat: JCrew. Sandals: Target. Sunglasses: H&M (similar.)

A few scenes from our rather windy day at the forts in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I’m kind of a history nerd, so spending the day in these beautiful old buildings, staring out at the crystal blue Caribbean was kind of dreamy.

Somebody take me back…

I’m also happy to report that I finally found a pair of mint chinos with a great fit and just the right amount of stretch.  Hallelujah.  This is years in the searching…

Also, a word of advice.  Wind and panama hats do not a good mix make.  I went chasing after this fellow more than a couple times and it was rather hilarious.  Especially for everyone watching.   But it did provide great protection from the sun, so it was a worthy tradeoff.

tropical vacation look


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of gingham, and social media.

gingham 2

gingham 4

gingham 3

Pants: Loft. (last summer, great alternatives here, here. here and here.) Top: Loft. Blazer: H&M. (similar here.) Shoes: similar. Bag: Anne Klein. (similar here.)

I tell you what, the week after a really great long vacation is roughhhhhh…

It has me asking all kinds of futile questions, like why don’t I live on a Caribbean island and run a small surf shack and drink virgin pina coladas all day everyday?

But seriously though, leaving town and all responsibility, and basically all things social media and internet and work behind for a couple weeks was juuuust what the Dr. ordered.  I can’t even remember the last time I really unplugged like that, and it was amazing the difference it makes.  Running an online business is sort of a catch 22.  In some ways it’s wonderful and amazing.  I can work around my kids’ schedule, from home, from the car, etc etc.  On the other hand it feels like I’m never off the clock, I realized, especially while on vacation, that if I’m not careful, that can really effect my life and more importantly my relationships, especially with my husband… Being without the internet for our whole trip was eye-opening.  I can’t believe what a difference it made, to just forget about it all for those couple weeks.  How much easier it is to really engage with the people around me, and how nice it is to unplug from the fiction and experience something real, uninterrupted.

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media since we got back.  I know it’s an incredible thing and an amazing tool, but has it really enriched our lives?  I’m not sure…

What are your thoughts on social media?


 Gingham is one of my all-time favorite patterns to mix through the spring/summer months.

Here are a few of my current favorite gingham pieces:


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A few of the best sales on right now:

Gap has the dreamiest spring dresses right now and they’re all on sale right now.  35% off, and 25% off everything else.  use code: WOW

20% off regular priced items and 30% off sale at Old Navy.  use code: ENJOY

40% off select spring styles at Loft.  Extra 50% off sale styles. Also, have you seen their swim shop?? Holy swoon.  I got this top for our vacation and it fit perfectly.   Really wish this suit had been available.  And their cover-ups are to-die-for.

Boden has 20% off select spring styles.  Boden always does color superbly and their spring dresses are perfect for Easter.

Extra 30% off spring sale styles at JCrew.  Plus an extra 50% off final sale styles, and 25% off select full price styles.  use code: SPRINGSALE

30% off new arrivals at JCrew Factory.







Pants: Loft.  Sweater: Loft. Silk Shirt: Everlane. Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. (similar here and here.) Bag: Anne Klein. (similar.)

Nothing like a few jewels to update your closet basics.  And you know how much I love a few jewels…

(psst. both these pants and this sweater are on sale right now, so… ;-)



leather and lace.










Leather skirt: ASOS. (similar.) Top: Loft. Blazer: H&M (similar here) Clutch: TJMaxx. (similar.)  Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. (similar here.) Sunglasses:H&M. similar.

A little sweet and a little salty.

Happy Thursday everyone!





play ball.







Baseball tee: ASOS. Camo Pants: Loft. (similar here.) Hat: JCrew. (similar.) Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. (similar.)

This ASOS baseball tee remains one of my all-time favorite purchases to date.  It’s got literally the perfect fit and looks great even after multiple washes.  And by multiple, I mean almost weekly rotating for the last year and no fading.  I call that a home run…



spring essential.






Boots: Hunter Kids. (adult version here.) Bag: Kate Spade. (on sale!) Top: JCrew Factory. Jacket: Loft. (old.  Similar here.)

It’s neither cold, nor rainy where we currently are.  (somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean) but rain boots are an absolute essential during a PNW spring, and these Hunters are my absolute favorite.

Wisest of wise investments…

see my post on buying kid’s sized Hunters and whether or not they will work for you, here.


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