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Coat: ASOS. Jeans: Hudson. Sweater: Target. Shirt: JCrew Factory. Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction. (similar.) Shoes: Old.(similar here.) Watch: Michael Kors.

Don’t you just love the week of Christmas?  I sent off the last of our holiday orders on Friday afternoon, and then I sang Michael Buble at the top of my lungs all the way home from the studio while Ava giggled at me from her carseat.  To say that December has been both physically and emotionally exhausting would be an understatement.  We had one of our biggest months ever, and I’m so so overwhelmed and grateful for all the wonderful people out there who buy the clothes I design.   I’m also still not sure how we got everything done.   Actually, scratch that, if you look at the state of my house right now, I know exactly how I got everything done.  I just neglected everything domestic for the last 3 weeks.  But, it’s Christmas break now!  On Saturday I slept in until 10am (!) and we made buttermilk pancakes from scratch and went Christmas shopping together, and then I read a little and napped in the evening while Craig watched a football game and the ducklings built a bunch of awesome stuff with their legos.  I took a nap again yesterday afternoon (naps are totally my love-language) and we watched the Seahawks win (woot, woot).  Today, I’m taking the kids into the city for some crumpets, a little more Christmas shopping and stop at the aquarium to see the scuba diving Santa.  I’m starting to remember what it’s like to be human again.  It’s quite nice.

Also, biggest HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my dearest friends Monique.  Love you lady! ;-)



last minute gifts…

First of all, I basically hate the internet this week.  For reals.  I’ve had all kinds of website glitches and apparently so have about 300,000 other people so it took most of the week to get it all resolved.  Somebody bring me a Dr. Pepper.  Anyway, enough about that.  Christmas!

Here’s a few more last minute gift guides, most stores deadline to order for Christmas delivery is tomorrow (12/20) so hurry, hurry!

You can click right on the images and it will take you to the website. ;-)


more great options for the globe-trotter:



More great options for the baker:



More great options for the nester:


A few personal favorites:


A few favorites for my outdoorsy hubby:


Quick easy and inexpensive last minute gifts for friends and co-workers:


holiday gift guide: for the tween girl.

walking home

It has been so hard to shop for Hannah this year, mostly because she’s in that awkward in-between stage.  She’s not really a “child, child” anymore, but she’s not really a teen either.  She’s a tweeeen… yikes.  How on earth did that happen?  She’s also not really sure what she wants either.  Every time we’ve asked her what she wants for Christmas she sort of shrugs her shoulders and says something like, “eh-Ever After High stuff?”

Not overly enthusiastic about the toys anymore, not really all that excited about clothes either, she’s arrived safely in that strange no-man’s-land void where toy lists go to die.

Anyway, I’ve spent weeks mulling over it and looking for great ideas, (since she didn’t have any) and here’s what I came up with:

gift guide for the tweenBaking set, Julia Child Book, Apron.  Tiara kit, make-your-own lip balm kit, small sewing kit. Reading: Spiderwick book, classics set.  Hard core bow.

Hannah’s really interested in learning right now.  Learning how to cook, how to sew, how to take pictures, write stories and poems… how to do all kinds of things.  I find her spontaneously cutting up fabric and making pillows, stitching little “H’s” on everything made of fabric in her room.  Whenever I’m in the kitchen cooking she sort of hovers around me, politely asking if she can crack the eggs, roll out the cookie dough or blend the batter.  I decided that gifts focused on what she’s interested in right now, were the right way to go, and I can’t wait to see what she thinks of them.



gifts for her


A quick round-up of all my favorite gifts for “her.”  Accessories are always a safe bet, in my opinion when gifting.  Great shoes, a nice new wallet, hats, scarves, a statement watch… all great ways to go, especially if you’ve been stumped on what to get for someone.  Pretty sweaters are also always a safe bet this time of year, and who can resist sparkly shoes.

 See a few more of my faves below:

gifts for him


Shopping for men is my bane.  Seriously, why are guys so hard to shop for?  This year, I’ve rounded up some unique but classy masculine gifts for the fella on your list… lots of great pieces that he wouldn’t even think to ask for, like this awesome key fob, a great new watch, serious boots, a winter ball cap, nice luggage or a classy fitness tracker.

See more of my masculine favorites below:

Last minute sales:

JCrew is having 40% off winter styles and 30% off everything else. use code: JINGLE

40-60% off everything at JCrew Factory.  plus free shipping on orders over $50.

Nordstrom has great gift ideas and free shipping by Christmas Eve.

Save up to 50% off at Gap.  use code: GIFT

30% off your order at Old Navy. use code: DASHER

40% off your entire order at Banana Republic.  use code: BRMERRY40 (ends today!)

Amazon has about a million killer holiday deals, including tools(should they suit yours or your mister’s fancy), and their new FIRE.  Also, please, please tell me you’ve already signed up for Amazon prime.

25% off all sweaters at Anthro.  plus some beautiful fresh cuts.

15% off your online order at Pottery Barn.

25-50% off everything plus free shipping at Eddie Bauer.  Tons of great gift ideas for under $50 for men and women. 

25% off statement necklaces at BaubleBar.

30% off last minute gifts at ASOS.

up to 50% off lots of items at at Boden.

50% off sweaters, scarves and jewelry at Loft. Extra 40% off sale styles.

Extra 70% off all sale styles at Ann Taylor.

30% off sweaters, outwear and accessories at Forever21.

30% off your entire order at MADEWELL.  use code: WRAPITUP

Save up to 30% at Brooks Brothers.

Also, if you are interested in picking up something pretty from the shop, the last day to order and still get it in time for Christmas in THIS THURSDAY (12/18)

We are also offering 15% off your entire order from the shop! use code: LASTCHANCE15


last minute gifts, under…

Just in case you’re in a pinch and looking for some last minute gift ideas, here are a few of my favorites in 3 different price categories.  Most brands “last day to order in time for Christmas” is later this week, so there’s still time to snag something fabulous for everyone on your list…

under 100

under 50



gifts under 30

Happy Gifting!


winter uniform.






Jeans: Hudson. Sweater: Target. (similar here.) Jacket: Anthropologie. Scarf: Old. (similar here and here.) Bag: Target.  Shoes: old. (similar here .)

This is such a busy time of year, especially when you run a business like mine, that getting creative with what I’m wearing can kind of slip to the back burner.  If I’m being totally honest, there were two days this week where I neither fixed my hair nor put make-up on.  And if you know me, you know that basically never happens, even when I’m sick, so yeah, this year’s been a real doozy on the busy scale.  This is one of my go-to formulas for getting dressed in a pinch: boot-cut jeans, my favorite leather jacket, a soft sweater and a cozy scarf.  Nothing fancy, but it always makes me feel put together without much thought. Also, I’m completely obsessed with these turtleneck sweaters right now.  I picked up this emerald one last winter and have been praying Target would bring the same cut back again this year because it’s just so so good, and they did (huzzah!) so I bought it in–ahem, four other colors.  That’s how perfect this sweater is, and… double bonus it’s on major sale right now.

 I’m still trying figure out some time to finish my Christmas shopping, because my awesome and ambitious goal of having it all done by the end of November, well, it  just didn’t happen.  We’re heading out of town, and down to the Oregon coast for the weekend (I need a weekend away like whoa), and I’m thinking I’ll use the drive to button-up the last of our Christmas shopping since we’re still a week or so out on all those “last day to ship before Christmas” deadlines.

Speaking of which, the drop-dead last date to order something from our shop and still get it in time for Christmas is NEXT THURSDAY.  All of our new dresses are now in stock and we’re shipping them out by the bundle as we speak.  A few sizes have sold out/are close to selling out, but almost all of them are still available.  There are also a few pieces still available to ship immediately in our Azure Nora Skirt, and Rose, the Audrey skirt, and the Gingham skirt.  Also, all our kickstarter designs went to the ends section this week.  Pick up one at a deep discount, but hurry because sizes are selling out fast.

Happy Friday everyone!








Pants: Loft. (similar here and here.) Sweater: JCrew. (similar here.) Jacket: Old Navy. (similar here .) Shoes: JCrew Factory. (similar here.) Hat: Nordstrom. Necklace: JCrew Factory. (similar here.) Bag: Ivanka Trump. (similar here and here.)

My husband’s all time favorite band played in Seattle last night.  Weezer has basically provided the soundtrack to just about every awesome milestone in our marriage, and since it was his birthday last Friday, I decided the serendipity couldn’t be ignored and got us tickets to go.

It was amazing.  Seriously.  Teenage me is so jealous right now.

Also, rocking out at a concert on a Tuesday night when you have to be up for work/getting littles off to school the next morning… well, it does not feel fabulous.  But hearing them sing “Say it Ain’t So” live is worth every bit of exhaustion.  My favorite part of all?   Seeing Craig sing along to every single song.  It was like getting to peek at him as a teenager.

Imagine Dragons played last night as well, and I was seriously blown away by their talent.  What they do on stage is truly spectacular.  I like them even more now than I did before.

Also, Cage the Elephant was hugely disappointing.

Over and out.  Lot’s of great mid-week sales posted below!


Amazon is having lots of Green Monday week sales.

Extra 30% off sale items at Anthropologie. use code: EXTRAMERRY.  These pants are calling my name.

Up to 40% off select styles at French Connection.

50% off everything at JCrew Factory. 

30% off full price styles at JCrew.  use code: GIVETHIS.  JCrew has awesome gift guides for everyone if you’re feeling stumped.  See them here: men’s, women’s, boys, girls, baby.

30% off select items at Asos.  Loving this gorgeous sweater and this coat.

Lots of new markdowns up to 40% off at Nordstrom.

40% off your purchase at Banana Republic today only.  35% off tomorrow.  use code: BRMOMENT

50% off everything at Loft plus FREE SHIPPING (yay!)  use code: WRAPIT  I love this clutch, and this one, and this one.  Also these pants are everything.

30% off regular priced items at GAP. free shipping over $50.

Up to 30% off at Madewell. use code: GOFORIT.  This wool zip vest is making me weak in the knees.

Today only, 50% off sweaters and tops at Ann Taylor. use code: JOYFUL50


All of our kickstarter styles are now marked down!  Find them in the ends section here.


call the midwife.






Cora Dress. Shoes: Nine West. (similar.) Jacket: Anthropologie.

So, on Saturday night, the Mr. and I had big plans to go to the cinema (Don’t you just love the word cinema?  Sounds so refined.  Like when movies used to be art.  Let’s bring that one back).  Anyways, I love seeing movies, and we thought it would be fun to go catch a late one.  But, as it goes when you’ve got four kids, two of them were a little sick and so, we decided to stay and have a date at home.  We picked up a couple milkshakes, some fries and then camped out in our upstairs loft for an evening with Netlfix.  It was a classy affair.

We settled on “Call the Midwife.”  No-scratch that, first we tried to watch “Dumb and Dumber” again but discovered that A. it’s not really that funny after you’re not a teenager anymore, B. 90’s movies have possibly the worst musical scores, ever and C.  it’s also basically one of those movies that’s way more funny to quote than to actually watch.  Maybe it’s just me, but really, I don’t think it’s just me.  Anyways, I have this theory about not re-watching childhood/teen favorites because what you remember as being soooo good, can be ruined in a single Saturday night of nostalgia watching.  Like the time we tried to watch “The 5th Element” right after we were married, because Craig thought it was “so awesome” (and I quote) when he was 15, except it’s actually the worst movie ever made, possibly in the history of movies.  (And that’s saying something.)

But where was I going with this… oh yeah.  Call the Midwife.  If you can believe it, it was Craig who suggested we watch it because it’s a BBC show and everybody knows those BBC shows are amazing. Granted, he fell asleep before the opening credits had finished, and I stayed up until a ridiculous hour watching four episodes in one sitting.  Darn you Netflix for making binge watching so disgustingly easy!  After pulling all-nighters for the past week, trying to get our Black Friday orders buttoned up and out the door (we’re still working on them, bear with us!) staying up until the wee-hours of the morning before I had to get up and get all six of us out the door for 9am church was probably not the most practical of choices, but what can I say, I live on the wild side.

So, Call the Midwife.  I really should listen to my mother more religiously because she suggested this show to me over a year ago and I shrugged it off, because it didn’t sound all that appealing.  Except it turns out, it’s another one of those awesome BBC period pieces, that they get just so right, and it also makes me appreciate childbirth and the children I have, and the circumstances/time I was born into and our medical technology, and still somehow also wish I was living in 1950’s London and wearing circle skirts every. single. day…

Does the BBC ever get anything wrong?  I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this question, but I just want to put it out there into the universe and see if it’s even a possibility.

Also, I’m starting to remember why we don’t have T.V.  I have no self-control when I love a show.







Coat: JCrew. Sweater: Loft. (similar.) Coated Denim: Old Navy. (similar.) Shoes: JCrew Factory.  Scarf: Nordstrom Rack. (similar here and here.) Hat: Target.  Bag: Ivanka Trump. (similar here and here.)

Well, it’s Monday again.  We had a really nice weekend, which makes me feel okay about the start of another week.  Yesterday I made pot roast for dinner and we went to the festival of the nativity in the evening.  Thousands of nativities and glowing trees and live Christmas music, I think it’s my favorite thing we’ve done during the holidays for a long, long time.  Also, I feel like I need to publicly acknowledge that my oldest three children didn’t have to be told once not to touch anything.  That probably means we’ve arrived at some kind of milestone, but I don’t know what.  The milestone of not having a panic attack anytime we go into a glass shop?  I’ll take it.

As a side note: I made sugar cookies yesterday afternoon in my Kitchenaid mixer, and for the thousand and one-th time realized how much every single person should have a quality stand mixer in their kitchen, and also by the way, these kitchenaid ones are 25% off at Target right night now.  So there’s a little public service announcement for you.

Happy Monday!



anchored. (plus a gift guide)




Anchor Sweater. (Crewcuts.  similar here, and here.) Jeans: Hudson. Boots: Hunter Kids (adults here.) Scarf: Old. (similar here.) Striped shirt: Boden.

I kn0w everybody thinks that anchors are only for wearing in the summer time, but guess what?  Everybody is wrong.

Also, you should probably just know that this sweater is from the little boys section.  I’m on a role with the kid’s clothes lately… Yes, I’m about to turn 32.



Speaking of little boys, I’ve got a really wicked awesome gift guide today for your son/nephew/ that cute kid who lives next door and always kicks the ball over your fence, etc, etc…

I want to let you in on a little secret.

 We don’t spoil our kids at Christmas.  A few years back we got a little disgusted with the shmorgesbord of cheap but expensive, crappy toys that peppered our living room floor after the fury of Christmas morning, and Craig and I decided to make a change.  Our kids weren’t really getting much out of Christmas–it was just one big present overload.  They didn’t really appreciate any of the gifts they got because there were just so, so many.

So the next Christmas we scaled it way down.  We went instead with a few thoughtfully chosen toys, a book or two, one outfit and a pair of pajamas.  It was amazing the difference it made.  It not only saved us money and time, it also changed the entire feeling of our Christmas.  We were able to really enjoy each other.   The kids actually appreciated what they got, they played with every single toy, and I mean they really played with them.  They enjoyed each of their gifts as they opened them without racing into the crazy “what can I open next?” fury of years past.  We’ve done it every year since then and it’s always been wonderful.  It’s also changed my whole outlook on toys for my kids.

My kids don’t have all that many toys in their room.  But the toys they have are appreciated, and are played with.  Every few months we go through their rooms and the toys that they no longer love, we donate.  We let them “start over” with someone new, someone who will appreciate them.  This keeps their rooms cleaner, and more organized and it helps them appreciate the things they have, care for them, and actually play with them.  It has also made me a more thoughtful mother when it comes to gift buying.  I’m all about quality over quantity.  Finding great toys that the kids will not only love, but that will help them learn to think, help them to be creative, explore the world, use their minds and/or their bodies.  And mostly, toys that that are meaningful, well-made and last.  Here are my favorites this year:

(you can click right on the image and it will take you directly to the website with the toy)