thanksgiving outfit inspiration.


Dress: H&M. (in store. skirt version here.) Blouse. Tights. Shoes. Bag.(on sale 33% off!) Sunglasses. Similar Coat.

I don’t know about you but I’ve got a little bit of a Halloween hangover this morning.  Too much candy, and too much running around finishing costumes, carving pumpkins, etc etc during the last couple weeks of October.  I am exhausted.  Literally.  Like I could hardly get out of bed this morning.


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Now that October is over, it’s totally appropriate for me to start thinking about my Thanksgiving outfit right?

I know a lot of people like to keep it casual, but I love getting dressed up for Holiday dinners, especially Thanksgiving, because there’s not the distraction of presents.  It really is all about the meal, and gathering together with the people you love most.  And I think something happens when we put on our best, my children behave better, and the meal feels more special.  This is really helpful too, if you’re like us and live far away from family.  We don’t go home for Thanksgiving because of the distance, so it’s usually just us at home eating dinner.  Getting dressed up makes it feel like an occasion instead of just another meal.

I love fall floral prints because the colors are so rich and it really makes the pattern pop.  I thought a pretty floral dress would be perfect for thanksgiving dinner this year and I paired this one with a blouse and some bordeaux tights for a fun splash of fall color.

So how do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Do you like to dress up, or keep it casual?

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more pretty fall floral dresses:

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9 thoughts on “thanksgiving outfit inspiration.

  1. This will be the first year since moving away from family (10+ years ago) that we are actually going “home” for Thanksgiving. Normally we have a vey causal meal with maybe a friend or two, but I’m excited for a big family meal and maybe wearing something other than lounge clothes.

  2. I’m in UK and have never had a Thanksgiving dinner!! We only do Christmas over here. I’ve been invited to my first one this Thanksgiving and I’m super excited!! I’m hoping our friends will make it really ‘authentic’ – I want to taste sweet potato and marshmallow and all the other dishes I hear about associated with Thanksgiving. Any tips on gifts to take our hosts? Jane xx
    p.s. LOVE the dress!

  3. You always do colored tights so well! I never feel comfortable outside of black or navy. I love getting myself and my daughter dressed up for holidays even though no one else does. Any excuse to have fun with clothes!

  4. That is a really cute outfit. I don’t like to dress up quite as much at Thanksgiving, although I would wear something like that to church in the fall. For Thanksgiving, I like to be comfortable and casual, but not sloppy- like a cute outfit with dark jeans.

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