a pretty gingham dress.

Gingham Dress.(runs small!) White Top. Cardigan Sweater. Cage bag. (similar option here.) Shoes. Sunglasses.

Want to know something?  I’ve secretly wished I would grow up to be just like Juliette Binoche in “Chocolat” whipping up delightful confections, and looking flawlessly  feminine whilst doing it, pretty much since the movie came out when I was a teenager.  In reality, I toast marshmallows over my gas burner for my kids after dinner and call the resulting smores “making dessert.”

 I’ll just have to settle for wearing a gingham dress like this.  Doesn’t this dress remind you of every single thing she wears in that movie?  (Speaking of which, I’m pretty much always one of those annoying “the book was way better,” snobbish readers, about books made into movies, but Chocolat is the single exception I have found to that rule.  The movie is infinitely better than the book.  Plus Johnny Depp as a cute guitar playing gypsy. Come on now.)  I think every girl needs a really feminine dress in a classic print in her closet.  Even if she’s usually a jeans person… Just one dress that says, “I’m pretty and classy, and might just know how to make chocolate seashells from scratch…”

Happy Friday everyone!

oh and ps. this bag is back in stock for now, so click like the wind if you want one, because they keep selling out.

more great gingham pieces:

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  1. I want to say I’ve read you reference this amazing movie like three times on your style blog and I love you for it! Never bought a dress so fast. I understand the “Snatched” reference now.

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