fitting room friday: Nordstrom Anniversary sale favorites: part 1.

When my mom would take me shopping as a kid/teenager, we had this joke with each other, that I would take 10 things into a dressing room and maybe one would fit.  It’s not easy to shop when you’re short, and I had to learn to love the try-on process, because pretty much nothing ever fit right off the rack enough for me to just grab and go.  The funny thing is, now I see every dressing room experience as an adventure.  I’ve learned a lot about what to expect with fit (for example, I just know that every single pair of jeans I try on will need to be hemmed), and I’m always surprised by something I didn’t expect to look good and I end up loving.

My point: don’t be afraid try things you might not normally try.  Some of my absolute favorite pieces were something I just grabbed/ordered on a whim without any expectations, and then they ended up being awesome.  Does that happen to anyone else?

This is totally how I approach shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  I tried on and order a ton of stuff (with Nordstrom’s free shipping and returns its so easy) and I’m always pleasantly surprised by what I end up loving/keeping.

I’m breaking this post into two parts because there’s a lot of stuff, so bear with me.  Also, I have to say, I know a lot of the stuff at Nordstrom is prohibitively expensive, but there are so many pretty tops and dresses that are a really, really good price this year.  Like $15 tees, $30 blouses, etc.  Even the leather moto jacket I ordered last night is marked down to just over $100.

Okay, so lets get started.  I’m going to include fit info, and my thoughts on each piece, but if you have any questions, make sure and ask in the comments and I’ll definitely get back to you.

ALSO, I don’t know if you hear that Nordstrom’s site crashed yesterday (haha, everyone was freakin’ guys) but they’re giving everyone a 10 points day!  Through today, so make sure you hurry and use that!

Pretty Floral Dress.

Okay this dress is one of my favorite things I found in the sale yesterday.  It’s got a kind of 30’s/70’s vibe to it.  The print is so pretty and the fabric is nice and lightweight.  Perfect for now and into the fall.  I’m wearing an XS.

Navy Ruffle Shift Dress.

I love this Navy dress so much.  The fit was perfect, although it is a little itchy.  I love the ruffles on the shoulder.  It’s so pretty.

Gray ruffle t-shirt dress.

This dress is super cute, and the fit was fine, but I didn’t love it on me as much as I thought I would.

Striped t-shirt. Girlfriend jeans.

Okay, this tee comes in a 16 colors and I love the fit.  It’s a great price too, only $17.  These girlfriend jeans are just as awesome as I thought they would be.  This pair is a size bigger than I wear (they didn’t have my size in store), so I ordered mine last night.  They are so comfy, and I can tell the fit is going to be perfect.

Striped ruffle shirt.

Okay, when I spotted this top in the catalog, I really wanted to like it, but oh my goodness, it turns out, I love it!   The fit is perfect.  It comes in petites too- the fabric, the stripes, the ruffles everything is lovely!  Wearing an XXSP.

Floral Dress.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I forgot to snap a picture in the dressing room, so this is a screen shot from my instastories.  But this is my second favorite dress.  I love it so much and it comes in petites too.  Wearing XXSPetite.

Tweed skirt.

I actually love this skirt, but the smallest size they had in store was a 2, so obviously I need to size down.  Comes in petites too and goes down to 00P, which is probably the right size for me.

Peplum utility jacket.

This jacket is so cute and light weight.  It comes in petites.  I’m wearing an XSP.

Floral moto jacket.

Okay this jacket was a little too biker princess for me, although I thought it was super cute.  I just know I would never wear it, gotta know yourself right?  ;-)  Price is great, fit is really good too, runs a little small which is always good for me.

Plaid coat.

I am obsessed with this coat and the price.  Obviously this is way too big on me (wearing and XS here) but it comes in petites, so I’m ordering it!

Pocket tee.

This tee again, I know.  But it’s so good.

High neck white top.

This top would be so pretty to wear if you have an office job or you need to be a little dressier.  I love the detail on the neck.  It’s a white blouse but a little dressier. Fit is great and it comes in petites.

Lush V-neck tee.

This tee runs very large, and doesn’t work for me (the v goes too low for my liking.)  But the material is insanely soft. Like out of this world soft.  And it looks cute on some of my taller friends.  only $15

Oatmeal lounge cardigan.

This sweater guys, is insanely soft, and I love the pockets.  Wearing an XS.

Gray colorblock cardigan.

Isn’t this the cutest cardigan ever!  I am obsessed.  It’s already sold out, but keep an eye on it, cause sometimes stuff comes back in stock!

long black cardigan.

I bought an almost identical black cardigan last year, so I didn’t get this one, but it’s perfect.  Comes in XXS, and I love the fit.  I did buy it in the oatmeal color!

Black bell sleeve top.

I didn’t think that was going to like this top at all, but oh my goodness I love it, so much.  I’m wearing an XXSPetite.

Pleated sleeve sweater.

I love this sweater, but it doesn’t work at all for me with my short arms.  Somebody tall go buy this!

Tie neck blouse.

This is another one that would be so perfect in the office.  The smallest size they had in store was a small, and I definitely need it in an XXSPetite.

lace up sweatshirt.

Isn’t this the cutest pink lace up sweatshirt?  Fit is perfect.  I’m wearing an XXS.

Suede moto jacket.

I love the fit on this jacket so much.  I stupidly didn’t buy it last year, but this year I ordered it in gray.    It’s definitely a fitted jacket.  So an XS fits more like XXS.

Striped tee. AG Skinny jeans.

This is the best basic striped tee for fall.  Soft and great fit and price.  Love these AG jeans.  I have two pairs of them, and they are my favorites.  The price literally cannot be beat.

Ruffle sweatshirt.

Isn’t this sweatshirt cute?!  It comes in blush too.

Lilac Tie sleeve shirt.

I’m not usually a purple person, but this shirt is love.  Sleeves are a little long for me, but it’s still so dang cute. I’m wearing a size 2.

tie front shirt.

It comes in 3 colors and is only $31!  I’m wearing an XS.  I bought this blue striped one and I ordered the white one too.

plaid skirt. navy cross body bag.

Yes to everything about this plaid skirt.  It comes in petites and it’s a great price.  I’m wearing a 00P and the fit is right on point.  I love all things preppy and this skirt will be perfect in the fall with tights and boots!  I love this bag, but I can’t find it online.  Definitely check in store!

Phew!  You made it!  Come back tomorrow and I’ll have the rest for you!

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14 thoughts on “fitting room friday: Nordstrom Anniversary sale favorites: part 1.

  1. Hi Cori,
    What size are you in the striped T and ruffle sweatshirt? Both are darling! Also, how does that cute Oatmeal lounge cardi compare to the barefoot dreams stuff? I thought that is what it was when I initially saw the post. Thanks!
    It is funny…my name is Cori, spelled just like you. I am a whopping 5’2″, and I found your blog last year when I was shopping for how to buy Hunter’s for petites. :)

    1. Haha! How fun! I never meet Cori’s spelled with an I! I’m wearing an XXS the T and an XS in ruffle sweatshirt! I think the barefoot dreams one is pretty comparable. They’re both super soft!

  2. One more question! The cute utility jacket… I wondered about that grey color it comes in. Did you see it in person? Is it a good shade? I ordered the free people black one that has a similar cut, but wondered about this as a different option… esp since it comes in petites.

    1. I didn’t see the gray in store, but the fabric is so soft and the green was a great color so I feel like the gray would be too.

  3. GREAT- now I MUST have that plaid skirt. And maybe that plaid coat as well….I’m 4’9 but if you say it works then I’m going to try it. I’ve been eyeing that white/gold floral dress- Was the XXS to tight or not available?

    1. They didn’t have any of the XXS in store and I loved the fit/length on the XS. But I’m betting the XXS would have worked great too.

  4. Hi. Great post! I was wondering if the long sleeve striped tee was xxs as well as the short sleeve?

  5. I’ve been eyeing that bell sleeve top in the blue color. How does it fit around the neckline? On the website it looks like it’s against the model’s neck a little? There are some adorable ruffle and peplum styles at this year’s sale. Also I know it’s not in these photos, but didn’t you have the Vince Camuto Prasata Bootie on your IG? I’m trying to figure out what the color “new foxy” and “new tornado” are. Is one taupe and one green? Thanks!

    1. The neckline is a little high, sort of like a mini mock turtleneck. Really tiny though. I know, I’m loving all the ruffles! Yes, I did get those booties! The new tornado is definitely a gray color. I think the New foxy was kind of a grayish taupe color. They didn’t really seem green to me.

  6. Thanks for the feedback on the bell sleeve top and the booties. I am ordering online only this year (no time to get to the store) and your feedback was really helpful!

    It was also fun to see you in NYC, I hope the play was good. I haven’t seen to a show in a while myself. :)

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