a nautical spring with Talbots.

sailor sweater. nautical culottes. yellow frill sneakers. yellow raincoat. (c/o Talbots)  similar straw bags here and here.

My favorite piece of clothing I owned as a child, was a little navy blue sailor dress my mom bought me in the fourth grade.  I wore that dress in my school pictures that year, my mouth a wide toothless grin and face beaming with pride forever immortalizing the dress that would go down as my childhood favorite.

I was a middle child (third of six) and the smallest of five girls which meant I lived in hand-me-down heaven.  But for some reason, my mom bought that dress brand new, and just for me.  She must have known my style preferences even before I did; how I would love that dress with it’s smart white collar, how I would cherish that little red bow.   It was my first nautical item (that I remember) and it was the start of a love, that for me, has lasted more than 25 years.

It’s no accident that the first piece I designed for my own line was a navy and white striped nautically inspired skirt.  Give me your Breton striped shirts, your side-button pants, I’m a nautical girl through and through.

And after all, nothing says spring quite like a great nautical piece.

When I hopped onto Talbots’ website last week and saw their new arrivals for spring, chalk full of bright poppy yellows and crisp blues, stripes and sea-inspired designs, I couldn’t help but let out an actual squeal of delight.  After a long, cold, dark winter, aren’t we all craving a little more color? Incorporating these brighter shades, cheerful patterns, and fun textures (hello ruffle sneakers!) into my rotation, just literally lifts my mood.  We should dress to make ourselves happy, otherwise what is the point in buying clothes?  If it’s just to keep us covered we might as well wear a bag.

Another reason to be happy?  Talbots has a huge petite line, positively filled with charming pieces for spring right now, the quality is impeccable and the fit is on point.  I actually approached Talbots with this collaboration, because I was so impressed with their petite line and I wanted to share it with all my awesome petite readers.  Good petite lines are hard to find and need to be shared! (We shorties have to stick together #amiright?)

more Talbots nautical favorites:

sailor sweater. nautical culottes. yellow frill sneakers. yellow raincoat. (c/o Talbots)  similar straw bags here and here.

*this post was created in partnership with Talbots.

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12 thoughts on “a nautical spring with Talbots.

  1. This is such a perfect spring look. The detail on the back of the sweater is too cute. I’ve always loved a good sailor pants.

    1. I know! I’m such a sucker for details, so of course I couldn’t resist the back buttons on this sweater (or the front sequins!)

  2. That’s a gorgeous sweater! And I love the combination of the blue and the yellow, it’s such a summery combination. And I love the sneakers, they look so cute. And I had a nautical dress when I was a kid too haha I guess it was a thing moms loved to dress their kids in.

  3. So cute! Are you the only short girl in your family?
    Alos, do you find that talbots runs big? Whenever I shop there all items are ridiculously large.

    1. we’re all pretty short in my family but I am by far the shortest. (we call me the runt, haha) As far as Talbots sizing, I only started shopping there a couple months ago, but everything I’ve tried has fit nicely. I’m wearing my normal sizes here and everything fits great, hope this helps!

  4. I love the shoes on this outfit! I’ve only been following you for a short time, but I’ve wanted to ask what brand of jeans fit you the best? I am petite like you! ;)

    1. aren’t they the cutest?! I love some cute sneakers! As far as jeans, I really like Rag and Bone and AG. I look for cropped styles and then either have them hemmed or hem them myself. I also really love Blank NYC and articles of Society at Nordstrom. Oh and American Eagle has really great jeans that come in short length, and they work really well for petites! Perhaps I should do a whole post on this?!

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