blue valentine.

Sweater. Jeans. Coat. Scarf. Similar Bag. Necklace. Loafers.

Right now, I’m sitting on the couch in my family room.  My husband is in the kitchen listening to U2 while he does all the Super Bowl dishes (I cooked the food, it’s fair ;-), Ava’s asleep on the sofa next to me.  I’ve started this post probably 4 or 5 times already, without any good idea what to write.  That happens occasionally.

Also, this is a tide commercial.

(just kidding.)

(but really, best of the Super Bowl.)

It was a really nice weekend.  We got a lot of work done on the house (we’re ripping apart the downstairs bathroom, more on that later) and a lot of business work done, (so many exciting things coming this year, you guys!).  We had some fun, and I spent a lot of time helping Hannah edit the big 8th-grade project that she’s been working on since before Christmas.  Guys, how do I have an 8th grader?

Craig and I are discussing whether we should get a Turkey and raise it for Christmas.  I’m a little nervous about that, (mostly the killing to eat for Thanksgiving dinner part of it).  My husband is campaigning hard.  We were looking through the turkey ordering brochure after church today, and I was suddenly thinking to myself, “how did this become my life?  I’m shopping for turkeys to raise.”  And all the while my husband is explaining the intricacies of feather color and how it affects the look of the cooked turkey.  Farm life looks good on him.  It’s good on all of us.

But on to the most exciting news of the weekend…

On Friday afternoon, Craig and I sat down and booked our family vacation for the summer.  We’re taking the kids to Europe for 19 in August and we’re going to be there for our 15th anniversary.  Guys, words, cannot, express.  We’re flying in and out of Paris, going to do a loop through several different countries, still nailing down which ones, so send me your best Europe recommendations!

I’m such a planner, I’ve already started thinking about how I’m going to pack us all (we’re hoping to do carry-ons/backpacks only) or something really portable since we’re going to be moving around a lot.  And of course, I’m already considering shoes because everyone knows that the most important thing you can pack.  The right shoes.  I’m thinking these loafers are a good contender, they’re classic and super comfy.  I’ll definitely have to take them for a test drive in NYC before we go, though…

Speaking of… nothing I’m talking about here.  It’s Valentine’s day in just over a week, are you ready?  I’m still figuring out what I’m going to do for Craig, but I love this cute V-day sweater I scooped up at Loft.  I also love that it’s not your typical Valentine’s pink or red, it’s kind of fun to do a blue valentine look.

So there you have it, the most rambling blog post I’ve done in awhile.  Share something random with me in the comments!  (Or send me your favorite Europe destination or a good shoe rec, anything!  I’m not picky!)

And ps. this is a tide commercial.

Sweater. Jeans. Coat. Scarf. Similar Bag. Necklace. Loafers.


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12 thoughts on “blue valentine.

  1. When I took my kids to Paris we went for two days to
    Claude Monet’s Home in Giverny & D-Day Normandy beach Landing Memorial de Caen there’s a lot of different things to see there.
    In Italy we did Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri,
    In Rome, coliseum, the ruins, The Park, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Tivoli.
    Florence Galileo museum some hands on for kids Ferragamo museum (they have good air conditioner) Museo Leonardo Da Vinci which has hands on wooden replicas of his inventions.
    Venice , Doge Palace but their favorite was feeding the pigeons but I’m not sure it’s still allowed.
    We’ve traveled every summer there for three weeks since my youngest was 4 & have done bits and pieces here and there. The high speed trains are great.
    I have more if you need.

    1. oh this is fantastic! yes send me more recs! Also, what shoes do you have your kiddos wear, and how’s the weather in August? Is it humid?

      1. Good sneakers. They’re the best for the European cobblestones & non stop walking. Italy is very hot but not so humid. France is less hot. Monaco has a nice aquarium zoo & vintage car museum. We went to the Ferrari & Lamborghini museum in Modena. Can you tell we have a car buff in the family? We love the Italian alps, they’re like Switzerland but a third of the price. Something extra special that we’ve gone back to both in winter & summer to this place called Livigno. Hiking & biking in the summer is spectacular, tax free shopping there too. If you need more recs for Livigno like transfers etc let me know. Lake Garda was beautiful, we stayed in Malcesine & went up to Monte Baldo. Rimini was ok. I can go on as we’ve been to China Russia Finland etc but you’re definitely starting with the best place. Sometimes traveling with kids was tough as I’d do it without my husband but looking back it’s the best thing I did.
        Good luck & enjoy.

  2. Cori! Your European family vacation will be heavenly!! So excited for you guys! I recommend Italy (Florence, Cinque Terre, Siena) and Switzerland (Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen area). Do you follow Naomi Davis’ (lovetaza) blog? I feel like she has the best ideas when traveling with kids. They’ve been all over the world and many places in Europe. Plus, they’ve captured some amazing images, especially of their more recent trip to Switzerland, with their drone. And one more thing; Adam & I found some great luggage that has a zipper compartment with backpack straps. So whenever you need to hurry to a train station or be hands free, you can hoist your carry-on onto your back. The brand is High Sierra and you can get them on Amazon.

  3. Bonjour Cori,

    Visit Sweden, you won’t regret it. And why not a trip to the Baltc sea ? I did a cruise last year, I’m dying to go back.

    But I really like French Riviera where i lived for 11 years too. Another wonderful destination.

  4. I second the Lake Garda recommendation, we stayed in Bardolino which is lovely.
    Also, come to the UK! You can totally fly from Paris to Leeds or Manchester and the north of England is way better than the south!

  5. I think planning a vacation is easily half the fun! My advice is to choose a few destinations that you really want to experience, and don’t try to cram everything into one trip. You can go back!
    I have found that, for us, 3 nights in each place is the magic number. It gives us two full days in each place, and reduces the number of traveling days. This gives us enough time to ‘settle in’ and really enjoy the vacation instead of feeling like we are constantly on the move. It is also enough time to take a day trip to some other places we want to visit without packing up everything.
    I love Italy (especially the Amalfi Coast, Lucca, and Florence), but I think you would have to be really brave to go there in August. I would save that for a spring or fall trip. We were there in May a few years ago, and it was already pretty hot then. Keep in mind that you will probably be doing a lot of walking!
    A few recommendations-
    Visby (Sweden) – this is on an island, so you would have to fly or ferry, but it is a great medieval city.
    If you are renting a car, the romantic road in Germany might be fun! I am saving this for my mom’s retirement trip next year, but I have been to Munich and neuschwanstein, and it seems like it could be fun for kids.
    Have fun planning!!

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