winter outfit inspiration.

coat. sweater. jeans. hat. boots (also here). socks. gloves.

Happy Wednesday everyone, and here’s a little winter outfit inspiration for you.  Almost everything in this picture is on sale.  The best part of this time of year, everything is on sale!  (It always makes spending my birthday money more fun. ;-)

 I’ll be running around for most of today getting ready for the winter hurricane/blizzard/snowpocalypse that’s supposed to hit tomorrow.  :-/ (I’m actually a bit nervous to be honest, I usually love a good stormy day, but it’s so cold right now…)

Say a little prayer for all of us out here in New England…



fresh start.

Beret. Sweater. Coat.(on sale) Jeans. Boots. (on sale 40% off.) Sunglasses. Similar bag.

We went ice skating on a frozen pond by our house yesterday afternoon.  It was a lovely way to spend New Year’s day, even if it was cold.  No, it was more than cold, more than freezing even.  The kind of cold people write stories about, and when you read them, you’re inclined to make yourself a cup of hot cocoa as quick as possible.  The kind of bitter air than chaps your skin, and feels sharp in your nostrils and throat.  And yet, it was lovely being out there on the pond skating through the thin layer of snow that had fallen on top since the water froze solid.  I had all these ideas about what New England would be like before we moved here.  Some things are different, but skating out there on that frozen pond, old colonial houses peppering the hillsides around us, kids playing hockey on the other side of the ice,  people burning their Christmas trees in a giant bonfire to stay warm, it was just like I dreamed it would be. Perfectly refreshing way to start the new year.

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Girls weekend at Foxwoods Resort.

shop this look here.

The weekend before last my friend Leslie and headed over to Mashantucket for a little girls weekend at Foxwoods Resort.  We shopped at the outlets, ate yummy food and got massages at GSpa.  It was the perfect way to recharge before the last big push of the holiday season and I’m thinking I’m going to make it a new tradition. Especially the massage… I love a good massage.  If you too feel like the holidays run you ragged, I highly recommend taking a little time-out.

Here are a few scenes from the weekend:

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