you should know.

a few things you should know:
1. I stay up ridiculously late almost every single night.  I know it’s terrible for me, but I also know that it’s basically the only uninterrupted time I have during the day.  I try to be present when my kids are home and awake, so about the only time I have to work on my business is when they are in school or asleep.  A frequent argument I have with myself goes something like this:
“Okay self. It’s 12:45a.m. I could go to bed now and then wake up an hour later to feed Ava, or I could just keep working, and go to bed after her 2a.m. feeding.  I’ll take a nap tomorrow.”
(for the record, the nap never happens.)
2. Part of the reason I am so jealous that my entire family gets to live in Logan, Utah (besides the fact that it’s like the most darling, gorgeous, funky little town ever) is that they have a Downeast Home.  Have you ever been to one of those?  They have  Well, guess what?  They just opened one in Gilbert, ten minutes from where I live.  Guess who’s loading all four of her littles up in the car tomorrow to go down there? (Me, that’s who.)
3. I’m terrible at responding to emails.  It’s not because I don’t care, I just never want to respond until I have enough time to sit down and write a really thoughtful, polished note back.  With four littles, a husband, a house, a business and this little blog, that almost never happens.  I’m learning to just settle for writing back at all.  So if I haven’t gotten to you yet, I’m sorry… It’s coming.  And if I have, I apologize for the typos.
4. We don’t watch TV.  Ever.  And I despise video games.  I think they are the devil.  (Not really)  But I don’t let my kids play them or watch TV (mean mom).  I think it’s good for them and honestly they don’t miss it, and neither do I.  I do, however feel completely out of the loop when everyone talks about Downton Abbey; I have no idea who/what they are talking about.  I’m sure I’d probably love that show if I watched it, but then I would be addicted.  And that’s a problem.  
5. I’m pretty naturally hard on myself.  My weaknesses bug the heck out of me, so when someone else points out my shortcomings I take it way too seriously.  Mr. is so much better at letting things roll of his back, but I’m no duck.  Last Friday someone wrote something to me saying I stifle my children’s creativity.  It nearly killed me.  I spent all weekend worrying about whether that’s true.  Being a mother and helping them grow naturally into the best versions of themselves is kind of a big deal to me.  Then, tonight we were sitting in the living room, I was holding Ava, Mr. was playing the guitar.  He’d let the littles take turns strumming the different chords to “You are my Sunshine,” while everyone else sang along.  Then he taught them about sound waves, and let them see how the strings vibrate with the noise.  Hannah was wearing her pajamas (which consist of a nightgown, pj pants, blinged out ugg slippers, a sweater robe and a sleep mask- you can see it here– so funny)  Ethan was holding the little pieces of wood he picked out for Mr. to mold into some other toy for him. (Last week it was a stegosaurus out of wood scraps that he can “ride”  He named it Steggie the Saurus, then spent all week talking to him like he was a real person. See Steggie here.)  Carter was obsessed with the guitar pick, and when Mr. started playing Nirvana, he spontaneously broke out into a full on Riverdance.  Kid’s got moves.  They are kind, brilliant, creative, hard working, happy little people.
I think we’re doing just fine. 
6. If you couldn’t tell from the 28 pictures I just posted, I’ve got a new skirt out today.  Find it here.  ;-)
7. The battery in my wireless mouse just died, but it’s cool, I’ve got a touch screen.  Fancy.

happy Monday everyone.


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31 thoughts on “you should know.

  1. why would someone even take the time to write such a mean thing…and untrue. it’s obvious from your blog how much you love your children and how you work so hard to make a wonderful life and childhood for them. i really don’t understand why people are such jerks sometimes! hope you can find a way to be more duck-like when dumb comments like that come in :)

  2. I love all of the ways you styled this skirt. This skirt would be ideal for the 4th of July!

    Sorry about the mean comments. I am sure that you can’t really tell what kind of parent a person is by their blog. Especially a blog that is not about raising kids. Mean people are mean. They waste their energy making people feel sad, which does not make anyone feel good. I hope that you know there are plenty of people that think you are awesome.

  3. I grew up not being allowed to play videos games as well. My mom say them as a complete waste of time and junk. My boyfriend, on the other hand, played them all the time. And he grew up to be an engineer. His claim is that they help foster problem solving skills. (It’s something that we’ll have to work out together once marriage and kids are in the picture). But one thing that we did agree on was no tv. In fact, even though we don’t have any kids, we both decided to cancel our cable. We realized that we were addicted and wasted countless hours just staring at the screen.
    Instead, we bought Downton Abbey on dvd. We decided that we would make it an event. Sit down with popcorn and watch it together. Then it becomes a family thing instead of just a mindless thing. I’m hoping to carry on that tradition once I have children. No TV but if there is a show we want to watch, let’s watch one episode at a time together.

  4. i’m with ya on the tv and video games. hopefully we keep strong with that once the kids start coming.

    and i just wanted you to know – yesterday while i was deciding whether or not to wear my animal print flats with my wide-stripe pencil skirt……i thought of you and your pattern mixing post :)

  5. Love your skirt and the different ways you styled it. I watch TV and I think that it’s all good in moderation. My husband makes video games (not the violent ones) and he plays lego star wars with my son. It’s something fun they like to do together and i don’t mind because it’s not violent. Love, love, love the skirt and the different ways you styled it.


  6. Sounds like a perfect evening at home with the childrens! I love love love that skirt! It’s a little on a pricey side for me so I’ll be waiting for a sale code

  7. You have to stop posting pictures of these new skirts, because I’ve bought the last two you posted! AH! Love them all – so darling with beautiful styling. Can I ask where those wedges are from?

  8. Cori, I am the same way when someone says something mean to me. A few years ago, some anonymous person from Canada wrote a comment on my blog saying that I was a selfish mother because I was complaining about how my family had the stomach flu the entire Memorial day weekend. This person did not know me at all, especially from that one post, but it hurt me really bad. People think that they can write whatever they want on the internet, especially to someone they don’t know. And in your case, I think anyone that writes something mean is only jealous of the success that you have (and is probably putting you down because they are miserable with their own life). I honestly don’t know how you do it all. The clothes line and taking care of your 4 littles, and being dang good at it. You are a superhero to me, Cori! So glad I actually do know you, and grew up with you in high school/college! You are amazing at everything you do! I know that you are super busy when you visit Utah, but if you ever have free time, I’d totally drive up to Logan and see you and your family!

  9. Ah, the new skirt is lovely. I just discovered your work and blog here, and so excited to follow along! You’re such an inspiration!


  10. First, this skirt is probably my favorite this far. (Too bad my husband and I are poor college students.) Secondly, I want to tell you thank you for sharing your littles with us. I am inspired to be a better mom because of you! I love visiting your blog during my little’s nap time. I always feel brighter and filled with hope of better days to come after reading.

  11. How sad that people could say such things… it upsets me how riddled the cyber world is with judgmental people. I guess they don’t realize that a blog a just a snippet of your life, and you publish really just snippets of your family. You seem like a pretty darn creative woman to me… how could your kids not be influenced by a mother who is a stay at home mom, running her own fashion design business, and the kind of dad who can build a badass farm table for the fam from simple lumber? That’s creativity all around them, and they’d have to be encouraged just naturally! If it were up to me, in my house we’d have no TV. We don’t do cable, but my husband is very much a TV person, and our kids are free to watch. No TV is perfectly perfect for kids! I totally agree with you on video games, we don’t do them, and I just don’t feel kids need the exposure to addicting substances. Just my opinion! I think you are super creative, your designs are lovely, and very much an inspiration! Keep on doing what you’re doing- you are awesome!

  12. well what can I say, you are gorgeous as usual and I love the new skirt! LOved all the things you shared too. good for you for not lettign your children watch TV. I let mien watch DVD’s once and a while adn I also HATE video games. They really are teh devil:)

  13. Oh you are just too adorable!! And your babies are so lucky to have y’all as their parents. Love this post and I might just have to copy the “you should know” idea someday. ;) xoxoxo

  14. I love all of these outfits! Red is my absolute favorite color, and you look amazing. Also, I don’t know you in person, but I think you’re a wonderful mom. Don’t let somebody get you down!

  15. Good for you about the tv and the video games. If I had kids, I would do the same thing. I don’t watch tv now (and I’m a girl, so I don’t play video games :-)), but I definitely need to spend less time on the computer.

    I’ve seen your daughter’s little outfits…I don’t think there’s any stifling of creativity going on in that house. I feel a little stifled, though. I need to work on that.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful skirt. My favorite was the picture you described in number 5. Hannah’s clothes, Ethan’s imagination, river dancing? Someone would have to be crazy to think that their creativity is stifled, and you would be crazy to believe it if that were ever said again! It sounds like you are doing excellently with them!

  17. Gorgeous skirt! What a darling evening you described with your family. And that’s quite the feat to have *no* TV! I’m pretty good about limiting screen time for my kids, but me: I’m an addict! I do like to knit while I watch though, so it’s not a *complete* waste of time ;)

  18. I have been a long time blog reader and secret lurker.

    I love this skirt. If I was thinner, I would order ALL of them! I also love the wedges you are wearing.

    As for the comments, laugh them off. anyone who doesn’t use video games and the TV as a baby sitter, to get them selves a breather from the hectic-ness that is family life – let alone 4 littles, is a SUPERSTAR. And in no way could be stifling their children as it takes more to keep them occupied without these electrical inputs.

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