polka dots in paris: a few thoughts on capsule packing.

polka dot top. sweater vest. jeans (similar here and here). similar trench. french sole shoes c/o. sunglasses. bag.

Yesterday I stumbled upon these pictures from our trip to Paris last month that I totally forgot to post, and it was such a treat.   I got to relive that day, which was our first in the city, and utterly magic.  We wandered around all day, getting to know Paris.  We climbed to the top of the arch di triumph and marveled at the stained glass in Notre Dame.  We meandered along the river and found pretty little cafes to stop and eat.  We walked and walked, and then walked some more.  The funny thing about life is how often we get excited about things and then when we actually get to do them, they’re kind of a let down.  But Paris… it was better than anything I could have hoped for.  And getting to experience it with the person I love most in the world, well I couldn’t ask for more than that.

I’ve become completely converted to capsule packing since I started implementing it for travel a few years ago.  The purpose of doing so was to get the very most out of every day of every trip.  The last thing I want is to waste precious vacation time trying to figure out what to wear.  By packing intentionally, I am prepared for whatever happens while also feeling my best, and I don’t have to spend any trip time fussing over my clothes.

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Why I love AirBNB and 5 tips for booking a great stay.

top. jeans. scarf. similar trench coat. shoes. Welden Bag c/o. DVF Suitcase.(more white suitcasesSimilar mini-suitcase.

When we were planning our trip to Paris last month, one of the things that I really wanted was to stay in a quaint Parisian neighborhood.  I also knew I wanted to stay somewhere charming, and I didn’t want to spend a ton on the place we were staying, because I knew we would hardly be there. (I’d rather spend our trip budget on food and activities, priorities people.)  Craig and I decided to book a small apartment in Montmartre through AirBNB and it was such a great way to go.

The apartment we rented for the week was right in the middle of a bunch of small cafes and bistros, and we got to say bonjour to half a dozen Parisians every morning as we made our way down the stairs and out to the street.  The windows in the apartment opened out onto a charming little courtyard, and in the evenings, when we had them wide open, French conversation floated up into the room from below.  In the mornings, we walked right out the door and bought a crepe at the stand across the street, and then ate them as we made our way down the cobblestone sidewalks to the metro stop.  It felt like a tiny taste of what it might be like to actually live in Paris.  And it was perfect.  Just what I wanted it to be.

I think AirBNB is still kind of a mystery, or at least something people are nervous to try, so I thought I would share a few reasons why it’s a great option and also some tips for a successful stay, since we’ve used it several times now and have had really great experiences.  I also thought it might be helpful with the holiday travel season coming up, because it’s a great way to save money on a fantastic place to stay.

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10 things you must do in Paris.

ruffle top. also herejeans. scarf. similar jacket. shoes. bag. sunglasses.

I’ve had so many messages since our trip earlier this month asking what I would recommend doing on a trip to Paris.  We thought about visiting a couple cities while we were in Europe, but we opted to stay in Paris the whole time instead, and I cannot recommend doing that enough.  If you want a quick, see the main points and then move on trip, by all means, but if you really want to get to know the city, I recommend staying for more than a few days.

Here are my top 10 things you must do in Paris.

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september in paris & fall favorites from the shopbop sale.

shop bop top. similar jeans and here. red flats. red bandana. similar trench. bag. hat. sunglasses. (on sale for 20% off with code:EOTS17)

One of the best things about going to Paris in September is the beautiful fall weather.  I live for a good crisp in the air, and Paris was kind enough to oblige me with the dreamiest fall weather the entire week we were there.  Even in the rain, it was lovely.

You’re probably going to hear me say this at least a dozen more times, but it really was the dreamiest trip of my life.  I didn’t want to leave; I can’t wait to go back.

I’ve never been to Paris before so I can’t speak for the other seasons, but I can’t imagine a more charming time of year to visit the city than fall, when all the Parisians are bundled up in their stylish but fuss-free layers, necks wrapped up in scarves, their perfectly unkept hair tossing about in the breeze as they walk down cobblestone sidewalks.

There are so many reasons to love fall, but one of my favorites is how fun it is to get dressed.  Once it cools down enough to start layering, my outfits are a lot more interesting, and I feel my creative juices really start to flow again.  It makes getting dressed (especially on a trip- which can always be a bit challenging) so much more enjoyable.

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