shug’s soda fountain.

shugs at the counter kate spade dress kate spade dress at Shugs
shugs at the counter shugs chocolate shake at the counter shugs chocolate shake shugs counter shugs ice crea, shugs ice cream door
shugs kate spade striped dress shugs milk shake shugs ordering at counter shugs sign shugs sitting at the counter shugs soda fountain sunglasses clutch and a ice cream phone case

Dress. Sweater. Shoes. (similar.) Clutch. Sunglasses. Phone Case. Lip Color: MAC Snob.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a nice laaaaaaate start to day after being out till midnight at the Gasworks Park firework show last night.  Don’t you just love the fourth of July?  Best holiday ever…

One of my favorite things to do for a date night is to explore fun local spots to eat or get a treat.  Food is kind of my love language and I love it when I find a gem.  Last weekend, my husband and I decided to try out a new ice cream shop.  Shug’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream shop is right off Pike place market in downtown Seattle and oh my goodness it is the cutest little ice cream shop ever.  It just opened this April, and it’s bright and cheerful, just like an ice cream shop should be.  I mean, it’s got a mint colored ceiling.  Let’s just say the design is perfect.

They sell old fashioned sodas (I got a pineapple soda, hello heaven!), ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes and other treats.   Their whipped cream is bomb.  If you’re in downtown Seattle this summer (and beyond) go in and grab a chocolate shake, and tell them Cori sent you.  Just kidding, they have no idea who I am… LOL.  But seriously, go grab an ice cream, the mint ceiling alone is worth the trip.

Also, my pretty Kate Spade dress is still on sale (along with all their other sale items, handbags, shoes,etc) for an extra 30% off, but it ends today so hurry, hurry!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

the counter at shugs

just keep swimming.

striped bow swimsuit with scalloped shorts flamingo towel coral bag boater hat

big bow striped swimsuit

kate spade swimsuit with scalloped post navy bow striped swimsuit with scalloped shorts
striped kate spade swimsuit striped swimsuit with a bow

Swimsuit: Kate Spade. Shorts: JCrew Factory. Bag: Forever21.  Boater Hat: Nordstrom. Bottle: Kate Spade. Towel: Forever21. (similar here and here.) Umbrella: Target. 

It takes summer awhile to show up in the Pacific Northwest, but man, when it finally arrives it sure is gorgeous.  The kids and I have spent 3 of the last 4 days at the beach and if the weather’s nice today, I think we might be heading back again.

I spent a long time afraid of wearing a swimsuit in public.  Ironic since I grew up basically living in one all summer.  (California, pool in my backyard, yadi-yadi.)  It’s still not easy for me to love my body in a bathing suit.  I have a nonexistent chest, and I’m short, my stubby legs will probably alway bother me.  But I really want my kids to remember that I took them to the beach, that I wasn’t too shy to wear a swimsuit, that I played with them, and that I was okay with myself.  Especially my girls.  I want my girls to love their bodies more than I love mine, so until I actually do, I fake it.

A pretty swimsuit always makes it a little easier to feel confident in my own skin.  I’m a big believer in feeling confident in my own skin, and I was thrilled when I found this pretty striped Kate Spade swimsuit with the bow on the front because hello!  Perfect camo for my flat chest! ;-)  And really anything with stripes and bows has my heart.

Happy Friday everyone!

a few more pretty suits:


swimsuit and boater hat

travel style: what to wear to disneyland.

disney outfit striped shirt jeans jacket disneyland kids and mom disneyland mom and kids disneyland style edited-1 disneyland watching just hanging in disney mom and toddler in disneyland striped espidrilles the ducks of disney 1
Shirt: Forever21. Jeans: Nordstrom. Jacket: Gap. (almost identical one here.) Bag: H&M. Shoes: Nordstrom.  Sunglasses: Kate Spade.

Am I a nerd for admitting that while I was packing us up to go to Disneyland a couple weeks ago I actually googled the term, “what to wear to disneyland?”  It had been a good 5 years since we’d step foot in the park, and while I grew up a few hours from SoCal, and we went several times a year, that mostly involved fanny-packs and tennis shoes.  Not a recipe for a stylish romp in the park.  I’m not saying that I wanted Disneyland to feel like my own personal catwalk, but I am vain enough to not want to look like a nerdy mom either.

I’m a big believer in travel style.  I want to feel confident in my clothes when I’m out of my element.  And if things go awry, and I can’t control everything, which of course always happens when you travel, I want to feel like at least my clothing situation is under control.  (wow, I sound OCD.  I’m actually not…)

So, guess what I found when I did my little google search?  Not a lot, that’s what.  A few travel blogs that tell you to wear comfy shoes  and sunscreen (duh) and that’s about it…

So I just made up my own little Disneyland outfit recipe, and it worked out just fine.

Now just as a disclaimer, this is for Disneyland in April.  And like all places in April, it could be perfect gorgeous weather, hotter than Hades, or cold and wet… Adjust as needed.

We got lucky and had beautiful weather all three days in the Parks (although the last day was pretty hot) and what I packed worked out great.

I felt great, my outfit was fuss free, and super comfy.

So here’s my recipe:

First off, distressed boyfriend jeans.  These are THE magic closet piece, I’m telling you guys.  You can wear them in almost any situation.  This pair was a dream, super comfy and they dried pretty fast even when I got soaked on Splash Mountain.  I always feel great in boyfriend jeans, no matter how much I swell when I travel. (please tell me I’m not the only one)  I just ordered this pair yesterday (they’re on major sale) and I can’t wait to see if there as perfect as the reviews say.   If it was summer I’d trade the boyfriend jeans out for cutoff boyfriend shorts, or maybe (if I was feeling frisky) a skirt.  A romper/jumpsuit would be a great substitute as well.

Next, a lightweight tee.  Loose enough to be breezy and do a chic front tuck, and because it’s me there had to be stripes… but I think it’s just fun to add a little personality with your tee.

here are a few favorites:

A lightweight jacket.  This jacket I bought last year and it has turned out to be such a happy addition to the closet.   It was perfect for Disneyland, layered easy, went with everything, and slipped into my backpack or around my waist effortlessly when I didn’t need it.  There’s an almost identical one at Gap again this year and I’m almost tempted to buy it all over again.

Chic but comfortable shoes.  You guys, I lived in these striped espadrilles and they were perfect.  My friend asked me the other day is if these shoes were as good/comfortable as I claimed they were on my instagram.  They’re even better.  I literally pulled these out of the box for the first time on our trip, slipped them on and wore them all day through Disneyland 3 days in a row without my feet hurting. (Well, except at the very end of the day, but that was inevitable.)

Here are some more great shoe options:

So there you have it.  My Disney outfit recipe.

what to wear to disneyland

wardrobe refresh.

chunky pink turtleneck winter outfit

blush pink in the winter
charcoal coat pink bag

pink and gray outfit for winter

gray and pink winter outfit banana republic turtleneck
pink and gray winter outfit

Sweater: Banana Republic (on sale). Jeans: Nordstrom. Booties: Nordstrom. Coat: ZARA. (similar here.) Hat: Gap. (also similar here and here.) Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. (similar here and here on sale.) Sunglasses: Kate Spade. (similar here.)

This month we are focusing on ideas for making January awesome instead of what it usually is, the most depressing month of the year…

Idea #2: Wardrobe Refresh.

This is the time of year to add a few fresh pieces to your wardrobe.  When you’re cooped up inside a lot, the last thing you want is boredom and frustration with your closet.  Plus new clothes always make me feel like getting out of the house, and if you’re layered up properly some good crisp winter air will do your mood a world of good.

I especially like doing a little wardrobe refresh in the New Year because everything is on sale after Christmas, I usually have a little Christmas/birthday money to spend, and you can score some amazing cold weather pieces– which are typically a little pricier (hello coats and boots)– for a steal.  I pretty much always buy a new coat in January for a really great deal (I just bought this one), but I also love updating my wardrobe with other fresh winter pieces.

I typically wear A LOT of reds and deep colors in December so in January I like to mix in cozy winter pieces in lighter hues.  Blush pinks and soft blues still have a way of feeling wintery but they really brighten up my mood.  This chunky turtleneck sweater is a must buy.  I’ve already got it in two colors (because when you find something this good you buy it in multiple shades) and right now it’s on sale for $44 plus an additional 50% off.  So yeah.

find all the best New Year sales below:

pink winter outfit

pink bag charcoal coat

40% off winter sale at JCrew.

50% off sale at Banana Republic.

up to 75% off  plus 30% off your purchase at Gap.

20% off your order and tons on clearance at Old Navy. (I just bought all my kids a whole new wardrobe yesterday.)

EXTRA 60% off sale styles at Loft.

Extra 40% off clearance at JCrew Factory.

tons of coats marked way down at Nordstrom.

up to 70% off at ASOS.

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