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The other day I was standing in my backyard when a few of my neighbors walked by.  There aren’t any backyard fences in our neighborhood (it’s a Utah thing) so they stopped and started chatting with me.  Since we’re new to the neighborhood almost every time I go outside I meet someone I haven’t met before.  While we were talking about life and stuff they asked me if I was the one who “had the clothing line.”  I have no idea how this stuff gets around because I’m actually kind of shy about itf in real life, but there it is.  Anyways, I said yes, and then they pointed to my outfit and asked if that was one of my designs.  I was wearing a pair of polka dot pants and a striped top, very low key you know, but I answered that it wasn’t.  This happens to me pretty much every time someone finds out what I do.  Which is ironic because now that I’m doing this I actually feel oddly sheepish about wearing my own stuff.  Like it’s shameless self-promotion or something.  It’s not, I actually like the stuff I design, and I like to wear them.  But, you know, how does it not look like I’m advertising me… Anyways, I made a decision the other day, because the sheepish avoidance of my designs was getting ridiculous.  I started designing clothes for me, and because I liked doing it, and it was/is fun.  I firmly believe that getting dressed should be fun, you have to wear clothes anyway you might as well enjoy them.  So the other day I marched right into my closet and pulled out my anchor skirt, because to be perfectly honest, wearing a skirt with giant anchors all over it is fun, so

why not?


Skirt: Corilynn.

Top: J Crew Factory(similar.)

Blazer:Loft. (loving this one)

Shoes: BCBGeneration. 

Necklace: Poshlocket.

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14 thoughts on “why not

  1. I just love this! Be proud of what you are doing and the gifts God has blessed you with! I am always so encouraged to see other women doing what they love and being amazing at it! And side note…how did you land from that jump in those heels?! Impressive!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I always feel like I’m shoving my design in someone’s face when I wear one of my skirts. Even if someone compliments me on it I just say thanks and walk away. Sometimes it feels so shallow to be like “thanks i made it! you can buy it here….!” But You’ve inspired me to not be ashamed to wear it, because hey…I like it! (Which is why I put it in my shop, duh!) I think I may go out on one of my skirts…

  3. How many shots did it take to get that last one? It’s so awesome. Love that you’re jumping in high heels. I love your nautical outfit with yellow. The white ring and watch are the perfect accessories.

  4. Hi there,

    Is your sizing true to size? I wear size 4 for Jcrew, and size 2 for Gap. Which size should I order the anchor pencil skirt?


  5. Humility is a fine quality, it’s probably why people are more interested in your designs! It’s also probably why I do not have half your talent, for if I did I’d be shouting from the hilltops, “I MADE THIS SKIRT!” It’s fabulous. One day I’ll scrape together enough pennies to purchase one!

  6. I think you should wear your own clothes! Hell, I wish I could wear your clothes! (But sadly, your sizing is a bit limited to the smaller end of the population).

    May I humbly suggest you either a) add sizes past size 10 or b) sell a size-modified pattern to us so that we can make your adorable skirts…for those of us who want to look as cute as you but are a size 12 or higher?

    I actually cried the day your new pencil skirt went on sale…I went to purchase it with credit card in hand and realized that I was too big for your clothes. :( They don’t sell many modest clothes or cute pencil skirts like yours out there. Anyway, I don’t mean this to be critical–I am a HUGE fan and I hope to someday be able to flaunt your clothing line to MY neighbors! haha

    1. Katie, our plan as of right now is to expand our sizes in the upcoming seasons. It’s a bit of a process, and when we first started we were even more limited on the sizes we could offer. One of my favorite parts of growing this clothing line is that as we do we are able to offer more diverse sizes to more women. Keep an eye on the shop!

      1. Such great news!! Thanks for listening and I’m thrilled you are growing so that we can all wear your adorable clothes!

  7. I love the mixed patterns; they look beautiful together–so happy! And I echo the the request for some larger sizes!

  8. love this anchor skirt. and since I see all my own clothes I would love to make myself one. is it totally chutzpa of me toaskAdina you where you bought the fabric?
    thank you!!!!

  9. I just read my post and saw all the typos: I meant to say I sew my own clothes and would love to know where I could buy that anchor fabric. thank you

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