Christmastime in Boston.


Skirt. Sweater. (old, similar herehere and here.) Tights.  Similar boots here and here. Coat. Bag. Sunglasses.

My husband and I have been in New England all week, so on Wednesday we headed into Boston and explored Beacon Hill.  I’m trying to find out how many different ways you can say obsessed in the English language.  I don’t think there ever was a more quintessential city Christmas scene than Beacon Hill in December.  I was humming silver bells under my breath.

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winter in the PNW with Nordstrom.


raincoat. sweater. jeans. boots. (kids here.) similar hat.

Years ago, when I was in college I took a Child Development class.  I’m still not sure why that particular course was required; it had absolutely nothing to do with my major, but I took it nonetheless.  One day, in the middle of a lecture on helping children interact with nature, my professor said: “There’s no such thing as inappropriate weather for children, just inappropriate clothing.”  I don’t know why, but it was one of those random bits of advice you get in life that just stick with you, and it has come back to me over and over again in the past 13 years since I finished the course.

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Christmas shopping: my favorite winter accessories with Nordstrom.


Hat. Scarf. Booties.(on sale!) Jeans. Shirt. Similar Bag.

I know it’s not Thanksgiving until Thursday, but we are in full Holiday mode over here.  I’ve pulled out my winter accessories and I’ve pretty much been decking my halls since I got off the plane from Connecticut last week.  Don’t you love this time of year?  More of everything!   More lights, more cocoa, more family…

You know what I don’t have more of?  Time.

Oi.  The holidays are busy…

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getting cozy.


hat. gloves. skirt. sweater. boots.(I wear the kid’s.) tights. similar bag.

I can tell that fall is on its way out, and making way for winter.  Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees and everyday there’s more of a nip in the air.  I can’t say that I mind.  I love fall, but I feel like at the end of every season I’m just as excited for the next one to start.  I mean, Christmas is coming, it’s practically here!

This time of year I love layering with cozy winter accessories.

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