every day curls hair tutorial.

everyday curls tutorial

Okay this tutorial is a looooong time coming.  I get asked how I do my big loose curls almost every day and to be honest I’ve been putting off doing a video because they kind of intimidate me.  So, fair warning I’m a little awkward on here.  Why is it so easy to ramble on a video? Also, don’t mind the sniffing, I have a little summer cold. (and, not sure why my walls look yellow?  they’re not, they’re like a super light tan.)

I’ve linked to all the products I’m using below.  Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll make sure and answer them in the comments section!

curling iron. chi. moroccan oil. mousse. dry shampoo: favorites here, here and here. hair spray. paddle brush. boar bristle round brush.

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15 thoughts on “every day curls hair tutorial.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      I wash my hair every 5-6 days (sometimes I go 7) lol. Dry shampoo is a total life saver. I do touch them up everyday, but it takes a lot less time on non-hair washing days.

      Hope this helps!

    1. I usually put my hair in a loose pony tail, sometimes in a loose bun. I’ve heard braiding is the best thing to do with your hair at night though, but I’ve only tried it a couple times. On non wash days I put dry shampoo in my hair and give it a quick shot with my blow dryer (like 1 minute) to get rid pf the ponytail kinks and spread out the dry shampoo. hope this helps!

  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I have very thin hair and find that if I use a lot of hair products it weighs my hair down. I have to wash my hair everyday because I have psoriasis on my scalp. Any suggestions to help with the volume? Thanks so much!

    1. I would definitely pick one key product if you have thin hair. The one I’ve heard over and over again for thin hair is mousse! I would also use a lightweight dry shampoo but just on your ends to help the hair hold the curl better. And dry with a round brush, or air dry your hair for at least part of the process to get more volume. Hope this helps! xoxo

    1. LOL, it’s from Target last fall! I couldn’t resist it. I wanted our master bedroom to have a little more masculine influence and incorporate some plaids with our stripes. ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for this video!!! I am obsessed with you hair, it’s always so pretty!!! Can’t wait to try this on my hair!!!

    1. I use a Hana, and it’s pretty good, I don’t know if they still make them. But I tried my sister’s T3 when I was visiting her in Utah and oh my goodness, I am obsessed. It’s dries the hair a little slower, but way cuts down on the frizz. It’s amazing. I’m kind of secretly hoping mine quits sometime soon so I can snatch one of those up. Here’s a link to her dryer: http://rstyle.me/n/bx2a2vyk5w

  3. LOVE this tutorial! Love hearing your voice too! I’m going to get some mousse and see if that helps with holding the curl longer. Excited to see all your fall looks this season!

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