how to style a bookcase.

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Do you know what I’ve learned about myself lately?  Well, not exactly learned, but remembered.  If I don’t do something creative, even something small, every single day I get a little depressed.  I’ve always struggled with anxiety and getting blue (it’s in my genes) and being creative is one of the ways I combat that.  (Along with other things like exercise, eating well, practicing gratitude, etc.)

I do truly believe that being creative is one of our universal divine attributes.  I mean, we are all children of the most creative being in the universe, so why wouldn’t we be drawn to create, and why wouldn’t being creative make us feel so much joy?  But really, as mom with all the plates I’m spinning, and (let’s face it) the laundry I’m doing, there are way too many days where I’m heading off to bed and I feel like all I did was clean up messes and put out fires, and I didn’t do anything creative.

 One of my favorite home bloggers, Brooke from Nesting with Grace, has this little mantra where she says, “do one thing that can’t be undone every day.”   As in, not laundry or dishes or something that can be undone or messed up the next day. Brilliant.  Am I right, moms?

So today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite simple ways to be creative.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t make a huge mess, and you can do it with things you probably already have around your house.  Let’s talk about how to style a bookcase.


Since it’s a bookcase, let’s start with the books!  When I’m styling a bookcase I like to group books by similar colors and also (if possible) by genre.  (Aesthetics always win, though.)  I lay some books flat, turn some around, stack them.  And finally, antique books, are so gorgeous to style a bookcase with!  They add so much character and they are just so beautiful.  I find mine at thrift stores, antique stores and garage sales.

Make it personal.  Include things that are meaningful and special to you and your family, that remind you of happy times and good memories.  I have an antique wooden potato masher that Craig and I found in a flea market in Paris, every time I look at it I think of that perfect trip.  I have our family picture from a year ago, before we left Seattle.  It brings me so much joy looking at my sweet family, and I remember how freezing cold we all were on the beach that day, it’s a happy memory.

Add some texture.  Wire baskets with cozy blankets and magazines, mix metals and textures.  Pieces with interesting shapes all add texture and make your bookcase feel fun and exciting.

Finally, add some green.  Full disclosure, I kind of have a black thumb (I’m working on it this year), but if you are like me, just pick up some fun faux plants.  (Ikea has really great ones and they’re like 5 bucks.)  I think the green brightens up a bookshelf and brings it to life.  Have fun arranging and rearranging things until you get it just right!  Add season updates and keep it clean of dust.

The biggest point to all of this is just loving the home you live in, and making each space feel like it’s yours.  Creating lovely spaces will bring joy to your whole family.  So take the time to really slow down and let yourself create!  It will help you to be a happier woman and that will serve your family better than anything.

Happy Friday everyone!





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4 thoughts on “how to style a bookcase.

  1. I saw the title of this post, “How to style a bookcase”, and I thought to myself, “With books. Lots and lots of books.” :)

  2. This is so pretty and a good idea to satisfy your creative side.
    It isn’t practical for me though, since our bookcase are full of books.

  3. I like everything about this. I also struggle with anxiety and feeling a little blue.

    Your hair is so pretty. I wish I was better with hair. But I always remember you saying how yours takes time, and I guess I just haven’t had enough patience…

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