new england prep.

J.Crew Factory Houndstooth skirt. J.Crew Factory Sweater Ves. White button up. Similar Riding boots. Michael Kors Bag. Sunglasses.

You guys, I just love a good houndstooth.  I think I might be a total peppy at heart, at least in the fall.  I swear as soon as there’s a chill in the air and the leaves start to turn, I’m suddenly in the mood to dress preppy all the time.  Like, “give me all the houndstooth, and sweater vests,” preppy.  You know what I love about this style, it’s as at home on the city streets as it is on a sun-dappled country road.  I wore this outfit in New York a few weeks ago and then again the other day, just running around our little country town.  Gotta love a good versatile preppy fall outfit.

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fall trend: bold red.

J.Crew Ruffle Skirt.(comes in plaid too, dying!) Similar ruffle sweater. Black Riding Boots. (similar here, here, and here.) Michael Kors Bag. Karen Walker Sunglasses. Kate Spade Necklace.

My very first car was this little chili red Hyundai accent.  On the last day of my junior year my dad came home from work and told me we were going car shopping.  I had no expectations of a car, I’d been driving my mom’s van around whenever I needed to go somewhere and she wasn’t using it.  (It was the coolest way to drive around as a high school student, I can promise you that.)  So when he came home and told me about the car shopping plans I was thrilled, and we came home that day with that little red car.

And man, I loved that car.  I washed it at least once a week, hung cheesy necklaces from the rear-view mirror, and learned to drive stick in it.  (Which is a story in itself.)  That was the car I had to sit on a wedge in to see over the steering wheel, and my friends all told me it matched my personality.  Small and fiery.  I named it Pepper, and she went on lots of interesting adventures with me until I left for college two years later.  As you can imagine, I’ve had a soft-spot for the color red ever since.

So when I read that bold red is one of the big trends this season, I was hardly upset.

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fall momiform.

Banana Republic tee. (best tee ever) Loft Coatigan. AG Jeans. (I added extra leg slits to make them more petite friendly) Shoes. Tory Burch Bag. Karen Walker Sunglasses. Kate Spade NY Necklace.

I think this is the busiest fall we’ve had as a family so far.  Between traveling in September, having company, the kids school commitments and activities, a new dog, Craig’s job, our church callings, my business, and an old house that we’re constantly working on, there hasn’t been much time leftover.  We haven’t been apple picking, or on a hayride, and I haven’t even put pumpkins on my front doorstep yet.  All the things that make it feel like fall, and I just haven’t gotten to them yet.  Who the heck am I?  Fall is my time, and I haven’t been enjoying it at all!  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  I feel like as a mom I never stop.  The mornings are busy, the days too, afternoons are filled with shuttling kids to practice and home, helping with homework, making dinner.  Each day goes by in a blink, and before I know it, it’s October 12th and I still have no freaking pumpkins on my doorstep.

I feel like I have to consciously remind myself to stop and do the things that add flavor to my life.  One of the ways I make room for the flavor, is by streamlining some of the other parts, simplifying them so they get done quicker and more efficiently.  Everything from meal planning simple meals, the system I use to keep my house clean, and how I get dressed.

Enter the momiform.

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3 ways to help girls develop confidence.

Hannah’s outfit: Sweater. Ruffle Shirt.(in store. Similar here.) Jeans. Booties.

Ava’s outfit: Hunter Boots. Striped Ruffle top.(in store. Similar here.) Jeans.

My outfit: Jeans. Similar striped here Scarf. Hunter Boots. (I wear the kid’s version.)  Similar leather jacket.

Last week, Hannah ran for student council president.  She’s still fairly new to the school, so you’d think that would stop her, but nope, she decided to run anyway.  Of all her wonderful qualities, I think my favorite is her quiet drive.  She’s one of those kids who never has to be told to do her homework, she’s responsible and motivated.  When she decides she wants to do something, she doesn’t make a big spectacle of it, she just gets to work and makes it happen.  I kept asking her if I could help her with anything on her campaign, and she just said, “I got this mom.”

When I opened the front door Friday afternoon, there stood Hannah, beaming ear to ear.  “You’re looking at the next student council president.”

It was definitely one of those proud mom moments.

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