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north and south

I’ve always had a real weakness for Victorian literature.  (Nerd.)  It started somewhere around the age of 18 and never abated.  A couple weeks ago while driving all over the Pacific Northwest on our road trip listening and then finishing Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island (we drove a lot) Hannah and I decided that we needed another such worthy book to listen to.  While searching titles similar to Anne we found North and South. (the Elizabeth Gaskell version)  Um, holy cow.  How is it possible that I have never read this book before??  The hero rivals Mr. Darcy and that’s hard to do folks.  The writing is superb and I love all the subtle insights on human nature but mostly I love that author gives you more insight into what the leading man is thinking…  Swoon.

An obsession of this nature also means I subsequently discovered the BBC mini-series adaptation.   (Obsessive googler over here) And it is just as good as the book.  Bah!  If you like anything along the lines of Pride and Prejudice, or Jane Eyre (books or movies) you are going to L.O.V.E. this one.

north and south book

What’s your current literary obsession?  Also, if you know of any other Victorian favorites, throw them my way. ;-)

In case you are looking for more reading recs, this girl has a great collection in her library.

ps. I’ve been a little m.i.a. the last few days; my husband and I are working feverishly to finish up a project that I cannot wait to show you… I’ve been wanting to do something for my kids for a very long time

{fall} seasonal staple: the tweed blazer.


fall season staple- the tweed blazer

fall seasonal staple the tweed blazer

We’re turning the corner out of summer and into fall.  Fall is my very favorite time of year to get dressed (hello layers!) and there are several items that I consider fall essentials.  But my very favorite fall staple in the tweed blazer.

Blazers are such a wardrobe workhorse, and this time of year there are endless ways to style it.  The tweed blazer in a good grey wool herringbone is my favorite most ideal version of the staple.  It’s classic, versatile, and has that whole classic “oh I’ve just been riding through the english countryside,” vibe to it. fall seasonal staple the tweed blazer

Ironically, I’ve also been unable to find this perfect tweed blazer, (you know, the one I dream about, make up stories about) until this year.  I found it at Boden, and it’s currently on it’s way to me from the UK.  Let’s all cross our fingers that it’s as perfect as I’m hoping when it gets here… (And just passing along, that you can get it for 15% off right now- (price is reflected in cart) through the beginning of September.  At this price that’s a quite a savings.)

And one more note, a good well made blazer is worth the cost of an alteration, so if it doesn’t fit like a dream right off the rack, consider consulting your tailor to see if the cost to get the perfect fit is within your range.  I have wide ribs/shoulders,(thanks Erickson genes) so even though I’m tres petite, I can often get a good fit in the shoulders while still having sleeves a little long.  Bringing up the sleeves isn’t too terrible in terms of alteration costs, usually between $30-50.  It’s worth it to me to pay that much for a piece that I will wear for years and years.

favorite tweed blazer below:



Stay tuned for more of my favorite fall staples…

silk and stripes.

casual silk and stripes outfit

cobalt and mint

cobalt stripes and a mint bag

silk and stripes

silky stripes and a mint bag

Blouse: JCrew. (old. similar here.) Jeans: Madewell. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. (similar here and  here.) Sandals: Old Navy. (similar.) Sunglasses: Kate Spade.

First of all, thank you thank you(!) for all the awesome bridesmaid dress suggestions on yesterday’s post.  I found a ton of new websites and some really great options.  You guys are the very best.

Sometimes a simple pair of skinny jeans and a silk blouse are just the trick for a Thursday.  I love pairing cobalt and mint together although I kind of forgot about the color scheme for awhile.  I love when I suddenly remember things I love that I had forgotten.  It’s almost as good as learning them new.

Hope your week is going well!

skinny jeans and a striped silk top

shop the look:




always a bridesmaid.

berry wedding

So I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding this fall and I need some help.  The bride is letting us pick out our own bridesmaid dresses (bless her) so we can pick out something that fits our style/body type etc. and that we really love.  She has given us some (very lovely) color/style inspo.  Sounds fabulous right?  Dream bridesmaid gig. Yadi, yadi… Except. I. CANNOT. FIND. A. DRESS.

The biggest problem is finding something in the right color family (think jewel berry tones) that’s also modest enough for my religious standards (think at least short sleeves, no low cut front or low back and at least knee length).  The bride would prefer a maxi length too, but it’s really up to us.

Guys, I thought I knew every single dress website there was to know (even ones no one knows about) but I cannot find a suitable dress.  Help!

Anyone have any ideas? If you’ve seen a gorgeous berry colored dress somewhere on the internet, or have a go-to website I would really, really appreciate the help. (So would my sisters/cousins/friends who can’t find dresses either.)

If I can’t find the right dress, I’ll probably end up dyeing one but I would rather not, I’m also considering adding sleeves to a sleeveless dress or layering, but again I would just rather find the right dress than have to jimmy-rig something.

I love this dress.  But it’s sleeveless and has a big cutout in the back.

A few favorites I usually go-to for these kinds of things:


PS. Isn’t this wedding inspo getting you excited for fall?? I can hardly wait! Eeek!

wedding inspo

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