updating our nautical living room.


I’ve got to be honest, writing this post has really intimidated me.  I’ve almost not written it a million times, and even today, this is going up super late, because it’s so out of my ordinary content/comfort zone.  But if  I don’t keep pushing myself, then what is even the point of this blog right?

So here goes.

   I really love nesting.   Making our house feel like home is one of my favorite hobbies and something that brings me a lot of joy, but it’s not something I’m super confident in yet, especially sharing it with the world.  I’m still learning, and trying different things with my spaces, and I don’t always get it right.  There are so many amazing decor blogs out there now, it’s made me kind of feel like crawling into my little home design hole and just keeping my house to myself.

But then I read this on Brooke from Nesting with Grace’s instagram the other day:

Who do you decorate your home for? I sure hope it is for the people who live in it. I do it for these people right here. I enjoy using my talents and creating, it gives me joy. I share photos of my home not because I think it is the best, far from it. But if I get negative and think why share this? So and so has a better, bigger, cooler kitchen than me, It would paralyze me. Those thoughts are Satan trying to make me feel less than.”

I’ve thought about this over and over.  This idea has been mulling in my mind for days since I read and honestly, that is the reason I’m posting this today.  It’s not because I think I’ve got this whole nesting thing down, or because I think I’m so good at it, but because this is a process for me and I want to share the journey with you.  And maybe we’ll all learn something along the way. ;-)

living-room-nautical nautical-living-room-inspo


As soon as the weather turns cooler, I get the serious nesting itch.  I’ve been wanting to give several rooms in our house an update, for awhile (I’m a slow cooker when it comes to home updates) but none as much as our living room.  It’s the room we spend most of our time in.

We’ve had these same couches for years, and they are really starting to look their age.  I still love them though.  We bought them when our kids were all really little, back when I still thought that all your furniture needed to “match and be from the same set.”  I also loved that they were slip-covered so I could take them off and wash them whenever sticky hands got the couches messy.  They don’t look super pretty anymore, but I love these couches anyway.  We’ve had thousands of memories on them, countless naps, snuggles, long Sunday afternoons reading, sleepovers by the fireplace.  They’ve been spit-up on, held sick kids, and been moved from house to house with us as we’ve changed jobs, states and cities over the last several years.  I love these couches, but they are definitely due for an update, as are our end tables (which were one of the first things we bought after we graduated from college 10 years ago…)

Our living room set up is tricky, mostly because it’s so open there aren’t really walls to give it structure, so it’s got to be done using the furniture.  I’ve been arranging and rearranging the space in my head basically since we moved in. I’d like to replace our old couches with an off-white tufted linen couch(this one is around $600), two navy nail-head chairs(under $250), and add a couple short white bookcases (under $100) next to the fireplace.  I still love our trellis rug, but I think the room could really use a little life so I want to add a fiddle-leaf fig.  I love our home to be pretty but also livable.  I want my kids and husband to feel like they can be comfortable and really live here, not feel like they’re in a museum.  I like lots of textures and patterns in a room.  Not over the top, but just enough to make the space feel interesting.  I like pillows and throws, books and fun touches, like this pretty painted globe.

Here’s what I have in mind for our nautical living room update:


tufted linen sofa. navy chair. white bookcase. industrial coffee table. striped curtains. fiddle leaf fig basket. striped blankets. metal basket. globe. striped pillow. graphic pillow. boat photo print. boat art print. Trellis rug.

So what do you think?  Do you dive right in on home design, or are you a slow cooker like me?

the perfect black trench coat.

black-and-white-classics black-and-white-fall-outfit black-and-white-stripe-peplum-top black-and-white-stripe-peplum-with-cognac-bag black-and-white-striped-peplum black-and-white-with-leopard black-trench black-trench-coat

trench. (comes in petites!) striped shirt. jeans. shoes. necklace. bag.

Happy first day of fall!

Last weekend was so blustery, it felt just like fall feels in Seattle.  Of course my hair was a mess, but I love that kind of weather.  Perfect reason to get bundled up for an afternoon outing or stay in and curl up with a cup of cocoa and your favorite book.  Craig and I went on a little Saturday morning date and ran a few errands downtown; I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take my new black trench coat for a test drive.

I’ve been looking for the perfect black trench coat for what feels like forever and I finally found one!  When you’re petite it can be really tricky to find coats and jackets that work, especially in the arms and shoulder area (ug, such a pain!).  I have a few go-to brands for petite jackets.  J.Crew, Loft, Anthro, and ASOS are my favorites.  I’ve also had good luck with Banana Republic’s petites.  I found this pretty one at ASOS and I love it.  It’s the perfect weight, comes in petites, doesn’t wrinkle easy and it was a great price at just under $100.  Trench coats are a great option for the pacific northwest since it’s chilly a lot but not often super cold here. I added a khaki trench to my closet earlier this year, and I’m so glad I finally found a great black one.

On Saturday I paired it with this cute drop waist peplum top from Loft (obsessed), my favorite leopard flats (which are back in stock again!) and my Tory Burch bag.  I go through stages where I kind of forget about pulling out my leopard shoes and then I remember that they are such a fun pop to any outfit. I even bought Hannah a pair this season… Also, it took me a long time to invest in a really great cognac bag and now I’m like, what was I thinking waiting so long?  I use this bag almost everyday and it goes with just about everything.

How are you spending the first day of fall?  I’m making homemade chili tonight and I’m going to enjoy our crisp sunny weather!


long cardigans.

casual-fall-outfit cognac-bag-ripped-jeans cognac-bag long-green-sweater long-sweater-ripped-jeans perfect-ripped-jeans ripped-jeans-green-sweater-tory-burch-bag ripped-jeans-long-sweater-open-toe-booties

Sweater. (also love this one and this one.) Jeans. (also similar here.) Shirt. Bag. Booties. Necklace.

Last week, I went to the fall trends event at Neiman Marcus in Bellevue with my friend Kadee.  (she has this amazing food blog and you need to check it out immediately).  At one point while we were looking at some of the new pieces, she commented on how long cardigans had come back in style and are a huge trend this fall.  We were both like, “yes!”  Because long cardigans are the best thing ever.  Fashion is so cyclic, don’t you think?  I had a bunch of these long sweaters in high school and I loved them, and now they’re back in style again. (Along with a bunch of other 90’s styles we never thought would come back, I’m looking at you, chokers.)  Anyway, long sweaters.  Back in the day, they made me feel so chic, and to be honest, they still do.  I swear I look taller in a long cardigan and it’s kind of like wearing a hug.  They are literally the perfect fall staple piece.  I’ve already added 4 new ones to my collection this season. Is that terrible?  I’m a total sweater person.  The second the weather turns even the slightest bit chilly, I’ve got them all out with a vengeance.

What do you look forward most to wearing in the fall?

Also, it should be noted that I am perfectly aware that this was a super drab hair day.  I tried out a curling wand for the first time and styled my hair differently– I was going for more of a loose beachy wave thing- #fail.  This was most definitely my first attempt.  Jury’s still out, but one thing’s for sure, I need more practice. ;-)


more gorgeous long cardigans below:


graphic-sweatshirt-and-boyfriend-jeans graphic-sweatshirt-with-leopard-clutch-and-boyfriend-jeans ripped-boyfriend-jeans-nude-pumps-leopard-clutch soho-graphic-sweatshirt soho-new-york-graphic-sweatshirt-and-jeans

Soho sweatshirt. (also loving this one and this one.) Jeans. (on sale!  Also similar here.) ShirtClutch. (also available here.) Shoes. (similar here and here.) Sunglasses.

Four years ago, when I was 7 months pregnant with Ava, I boarded a plane and flew to New York alone.  Heading to a blog conference, it was the first time I’d ever traveled anywhere by myself.  I’d flown alone, and gone away to college alone, but somehow, this felt different.  I was in NYC all by myself.  It was liberating and in some ways life changing.

And as small and silly as it sounds, I was proud of myself for tackling that fear, for going somewhere completely alone.  Attending a conference for the first time, and stepping completely out of my comfort zone.

I stayed in a charming little hotel in Soho (one of the oldest in New York in fact) the kind with brick walls throughout and teaspoon sized rooms too small for a large suitcase to land in.  Just what you expect from an NYC hotel, just what you want.  I spent my evenings walking around the cobblestone streets, with only the noise of the city and my own thoughts to keep me company.  I ate at little restaurants and popped into boutiques and pretty paper shops, stared at fire escapes and fell completely in love with soho.  Ava kicking away in my belly and keeping me company the whole time.

When I stumbled upon this sweatshirt, I knew it had to be mine, because Soho with all it’s brick buildings and cobblestone streets will be my forever favorite.  I paired it with some ripped boyfriend jeans, and nude pumps because I love those dressed up/dressed down looks (especially when there’s a graphic sweatshirt involved) and it just felt so appropriate for this Soho sweatshirt.  I’m always loving leopard bags and I’d love to add a bigger tote to my handbag collection, but this clutch is a dream come true and perfect for a night out in the city with my husband or a girls night with friends.

It is so busy having four kids.  So much busier than I ever dreamed it would be, and we don’t travel as much as we did before we added another one to the family.  The combination of a toddler at home again, my older kids’ school work growing more demanding, Craig’s job busier than ever, and living far from family (which means babysitting gets a little trickier too).  So we’ve done a lot more west coast exploring in the last few years.  And I’m okay with that right now, life is all about seasons.  But sometimes, when I’m feeling a little bored, or life gets a little mundane, I think about those warm soho nights exploring the city alone.  Walking everywhere, my pregnant feet screaming at me; the rest of me so determined to just see a little more.

 And man, I really miss New York.


more great graphic sweatshirts:

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