best president’s day sales.

sweater. (on sale) similar jeans. booties.

Hey ladies! Hope you had a fabulous week!  I cracked my phone screen terribly bad early on Tuesday morning, so that was fun (not) and it was so crazy busy for my family this week.  But I’m popping in today because there are so many good sales for President’s day this weekend, so I thought I would round up the best of them for you!

Sweater. (on sale.)

Nordstrom: Winter sale up to 40% off.

Okay, first off the Nordstrom Winter sale is in full swing, and it is good.  I popped into the store yesterday and there were some really great pieces (like the sweaters I’m wearing above, both under $40!) and I rounded up all my favorites from the sale below:

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let’s talk about the Olympics.

Powder Top. Jeans. Snow Boots. Similar white puffer vest. similar black vest. hat. sunglasses.

I thought it would be fun to share this winter ski look since right now, we’re all pretty much obsessed with the Olympics at our house.  I think skiing, ice skating and even just sledding is what makes winter the most fun, and since I married a person who loves skiing almost more than anything, we’ve all been glued to the TV since last week every night, watching the games.

The Olympics are just exciting to watch.

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quick and easy peanut butter chocolate protein shake recipe.

blender. measuring spoons.  measuring cups. Muscle Milk light protein shake. PB Chocolate fit powder.

sweater. jeans. necklace. ring.

Since Monday is a fresh start to a new week, and a new chance to be healthy, I thought I would share my favorite quick and easy peanut butter chocolate protein shake recipe.  This is a great shake when you need a quick breakfast in a pinch, a good recovery after a workout, or you just want to curb your sweet tooth.  The best part is, it’s super filling, is under 150 calories and you can make it in about 3 minutes.

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how to style a bookcase.

Sweater. Jeans. Necklace. Ring.

Do you know what I’ve learned about myself lately?  Well, not exactly learned, but remembered.  If I don’t do something creative, even something small, every single day I get a little depressed.  I’ve always struggled with anxiety and getting blue (it’s in my genes) and being creative is one of the ways I combat that.  (Along with other things like exercise, eating well, practicing gratitude, etc.)

I do truly believe that being creative is one of our universal divine attributes.  I mean, we are all children of the most creative being in the universe, so why wouldn’t we be drawn to create, and why wouldn’t being creative make us feel so much joy?  But really, as mom with all the plates I’m spinning, and (let’s face it) the laundry I’m doing, there are way too many days where I’m heading off to bed and I feel like all I did was clean up messes and put out fires, and I didn’t do anything creative.

 One of my favorite home bloggers, Brooke from Nesting with Grace, has this little mantra where she says, “do one thing that can’t be undone every day.”   As in, not laundry or dishes or something that can be undone or messed up the next day. Brilliant.  Am I right, moms?

So today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite simple ways to be creative.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t make a huge mess, and you can do it with things you probably already have around your house.  Let’s talk about how to style a bookcase.

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