Valentine’s day: his and her gift guide.



Valentine’s day is a mere week and a half away… do you know what you’re getting your signigicant other?? Here are a few ideas, or forward this along to your Mr. and give him a not-so-subtle hint. ;-) ;-)  All images are clickable. xoxo

game day stains.

game day spread

To tell you the truth, we’re not quite as hyped up for the Super Bowl as we’ve been the past two years, for obviously reasons  :-( #GOHAWKS  but I still love the big game and the chance to throw a little at-home super bowl party for my family.  As mom I kind of think of myself as MC of all things fun and party related.  (This isn’t really true, of course.  My husband is the fun one in the family.)   But I do like the process of  putting together a fun time, and for me that usually means food.  I’m one of those people that enters Disneyland and immediately looks for the closest churro stand.  To me, good food equals half the fun.

Our super bowl menu is all about simple fun finger foods.  Things you can snack on over and over through the whole game.

(See what I’m making below:)

soda bar for a party

persil super bowl party

bbq sauce

chips and salsa

toddler drinking a soda


This year, along with chips, salsa and cheese, I’ll be doing wings with bbq and ranch, spinach dip with sliced baguette bread, bbq meatballs, veggies with ranch and hummus.

For dessert: a donut platter and peanut butter m&m’s.  I’ve also done brownies with ice cream and we pretty much always pop a bag of popcorn as well.

My favorite spinach dip recipe here.

Favorite BBQ meatballs here.

(both can be made ahead!)

These are all fun foods that my kids love and are super easy to throw together after church on Superbowl Sunday.

They’re also foods that make a big ole mess.  Melted cheese, barbecue sauce, chocolate, soda, chips. Times four kids with their little fingers… and a toddler that spills at least once during every meal.

See how I deal with that mess below:

cream soda

I love having a clean house, but I also love letting my kids have fun in our house.  I don’t want them to feel like they’re growing up in a museum, but doing just about anything with kids makes a holy mess, so you can see my dilemma here.

I’ve got a couple tips, I’ve picked up over the years for dealing with a post party mess.

First, don’t wait to clean up.  Clean as you go, as you prep the party, and then a little bit as you’re partying (nothing too intense, but just put those dirty dishes right in the sink, wipe up spills as they happen.) Most importantly, clean it all up right when the party is over.  I know you’re tired, and the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning, but if you wait till later or the next day, those messes are set and so much more work to clean up.

doing dishes

cleaning up the kitchen

cleaning the kitchen

clean the kitchen

Second, throw in a load of laundry right away.  Wash those stained clothes, napkins, dishtowels, and aprons right away before the stains set and before the laundry piles up and adds to your overwhelm.

And last, find yourself a laundry detergent that really works.  I’ve been using Persil Proclean off and on since last spring when I first tried it out and every time I come back to it I’m amazed how effectively it cleans up without shredding my clothes.  Persil’s 2in1 has become my favorite from the line because the stain removal is legit.  And I’m not the only one who’s noticed, Persil’s 2in1 is the top rated laundry detergent on the market right now.

Head on over to Persil’s Facebook page for stain removal tips and tricks, fun games, and more info about this amazing detergent and how it can help you tackle those #gamedaystains

laundry with persil

created in partnership with Persil ProClean.

transitioning your LBD.

casual lbd

dressing down your holiday dress

lbd dressed down with denim jacket

perfect denim jacket

Dress: ASOS. (on sale.) Jacket: Old. (similar here.) Shoes: Nordstrom. (similar.) Bag: Kate Spade. (similar.) Sunglasses: Kate Spade. (similar here.) Necklace: Target.

This dress was probably my favorite purchase of 2015.  And that’s saying a lot, because there were some very fantastic pieces (I’m looking at you London Skirt).  It was perfect for the holidays and I styled and wore it at least 4 times during the month of December alone. (It’s on sale by the way, run, don’t walk I bought a UK6)  But what always makes me sad about the end of the holiday season, is that there are no more reasons to pull out those pretty holiday frocks.  I love wearing them, (especially when they are a lace lbd) and because they are a bit more of an investment I hate not getting to keep getting some wear out of them…

Enter the denim jacket.  This is one of those magic wardrobe workhorses that has earned it’s golden child spot in your closet because, A. it will always be in style.  B. It’s unbelievably versatile- it goes with everything. and C. a good quality one never wears out.  (i.e. you only have to buy it once.)


This has become my solution to a myriad of wardrobe problems.  Throw a denim jacket over it.  Including, “I want to keep wearing my pretty holiday LBD without looking like I’m headed to the prom…” Throw a denim jacket on, pair it with some fun (I don’t take myself too seriously) pumps, and you’ve effectively casual-ized (I made up that word) your holiday frock.

Happy Tuesday.

ps. my Valentine’s post I promised Thursday is in fact coming.  I just had some real life busy, busy work to deal with all weekend, and I’m still busting my fanny to finish…

Happy Lover’s month everyone.  Go kiss your significant other.


lbd dressed down

winter love.

red and mint for valentines day
red hat and mint and red fair isle sweater

twirling in the snow

v-day red and mint sweater in the snow

v-day sweater

Sweater: Sixth&Alder. Jeans: Madewell. Boots: Hunterkids. Adult here. Hat: Gap. (also similar here.) Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. (similar herehere and here.)

You guys, January kind of sucks (I know this), but towards the end of the month, I really start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.   February is fun.  Valentine’s Day is fun, and the anticipation of an upcoming February makes the end of January a little sweeter.  I start feeling like wearing things with hearts on them, and making cookies again, and buying pink flowers at the market.  All these pretty bright cheerful things and we still have snow in the mountains!  It’s kind of the greatest.

This fun fair isle sweater is perrrrfect for February, especially Valentine’s day and we just restocked it in every size!

Make sure and come back tomorrow, because I’m sharing some fun V-day gift ideas… (for you and him.)


fair isle in the snow

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