6 tips for surviving gloomy weather.


Black Jeans. Tee. (my favorite ever.) Denim Jacket. Scarf. Backpack. Sunglasses. Similar flats here and here. Similar watch.

It was sunny yesterday, and it was glorious.  I’m talking breezy, blustery perfect temperature, golden leaves everywhere, magical kind of fall day.  Unfortunately, it’s going to be cloudy, gloomy, rainy for the foreseeable future.  And that’s pretty much the status quo for Seattle this time of year.

I love my city but the weather can be a challenge.  Over the past few years of living in the PNW, I’ve picked up some tricks that help me survive, even thrive during the (what feels like) endless gloomy months in the Emerald City.

So here they are.  6 tips for surviving gloomy weather.

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falling for suede with Nordstrom.


Suede Jacket.(also similar here.) Top. Skinny Jeans. Booties. Bag. Sunglasses.

Isn’t it funny how certain trends come out and they literally change your opinion on something.  There was a time when I thought suede was just “not my thing,” but it’s such a huge trend this season and there are so many gorgeous pieces that now I’m like, “if it’s suede, sign me up.”

I have no idea what that says about me…

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6 quick and easy halloween costumes.


Anyone who grew up with me knows that I’ve always been a huge Halloween freak.  I always loved dressing up, decorating, trick or treating and just all the fun a festive stuff that leads up to October’s holiday.

When I was younger my costumes were very intricate, (one year I was a full on Geisha girl- white painted face, black wig and all) but now that I’m a mom and have way less time since there are 4 kids to make costumes for, I’m all about the quick and easy halloween costumes that are still fun and festive.

The key to creating a great but easy Halloween costume, is coming up with ideas that use pieces you mostly already have or can easily find and then wear again later.

Things like a little black dress, a striped shirt or a good pair of jeans that you can turn into an awesome costume.  It’s a match made in busy mom heaven…

Here are my top six quick and easy Halloween costumes:

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must-have fall accessories with Nordstrom.


Scarf. Bag. Sunglasses. Similar boots here and here. Similar sweater. Similar skirt here and here.

My sister got into town early, early this morning.  She drove out on a whim with my niece and two nephews last minute for a little fall break.  I’m so glad they came.  Wet weather aside, fall is a beautiful time of year in Seattle.  Everything is golden and green with little touches of red.  It takes my breath away every single year.  It’s going to be a blustery rest of the week but we’re still going to be exploring and whenever I have plans like that this time of year, I always reach for my go-to fall accessories.  Namely this amazing Tory Burch tote and a cozy plaid scarf.

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