just dotty.

corilynn classic dress red trench

dress with pockets by corilynn

polka dot dress and a red trench

polka dots and a red trench

polka dots dress with a silk blouse, red trench

red trench polka dot dress, white silk blouse

Dress: my design: The Classic Dress. Trench: Old Navy. (old. similar here and here.) Silk blouse: Everlane. Necklace: JCrew Factory. (similar here and here.) Nude Pumps: Enzo Angiolini. (similar here and here.)

It’s almost alarming how white my legs are.  Good grief, it looks like I’m wearing tights, and white ones at that.  But nope, those are my legs.

In other news, this dress.  I haven’t worn it in about a month, because sometimes when I wear my own designs I feel like a walking advertisement, or something.  But then I remember that I design clothes for a reason, because they are the pieces I want to wear myself.  And this dress is one of my very favorites.  But really, how can you not feel great in a classic polka dot sheath dress, especially if it has pockets.  Also, for those of you who’ve asked, these dresses look amazing if you are a lady with some curves.  They’re made of a cotton sateen stretch that gives in just the right places, and emphasizes all your best points.  That’s the beauty of designing around the natural waist, which is pretty much what I do.


Hope your Monday is just dotty…


dresses with pockets heaven



sweater weather.

bootcut jeans and a cream turtleneck

casual chic outfit

casual chic

winter nails

Sweater: JCrew Factory. (on sale.) Jeans: Hudson. Shoes: Old. (similar here.) Nails: Essie. (white, silver.)

Saturday is the perfect day for a cup of cocoa and a cozy sweater, don’t you think?

I thought I would tell you a few things about my life, since I don’t know why actually.  I just feel like it.

Every Friday night we have a pizza party with our kids.  We get two XL pizzas (thas how many it takes to feed our family now, yikes) and a couple 2 liters of soda and spread a blanket on the floor in our upstairs loft.  Then we watch a movie together.  For the last few Fridays we’ve been working our way through the Indiana Jones series.  Next week we’re starting on Back to the Future.  Speaking of which.  It’s 2015.  That’s crazy.

I lost my wedding ring when we moved back to Seattle last June.  For some reason, when I got pregnant with Ava, my skin suddenly decided it was allergic to my wedding ring.  Every time I put it on I would get a horrible rash.  This still hadn’t gone away a year and a half later and so I wasn’t wearing it, I had it tucked away with my jewelry and somehow in the chaos of the move it disappeared.  I turned my house upside down but I’ve never been able to find it.  It still makes me want to cry because my husband picked it out and surprised me with it when we got engaged and it was really, really special to me, and now it’s just a memory.  Makes me so sad…

I’ve had a sore throat for over a week, and it’s starting to get worse NOT better.  I’m ready to remove my esophagus.

I kind of had a nervous tick as a kid.  Well, not kind of.  I had a nervous tick.  It would change too.  I’d either knit my eyebrows or wiggle my nose, or scrunch my eyes pretty much constantly.  It took me a lot of focus to teach myself not to do it, and when I get stressed I still feel myself almost ticking again, but I usually don’t.  I realize now that I’m a pretty naturally nervous/anxiety ridden person.

I get really embarrassed when I meet someone in real life who reads my blog/follows me on instagram.  I don’t know why.  Like yesterday, when the woman who has a business next to my studio said she looked at my website– I was humiliated.  That’s also because my studio is always a giant mess.  Truly creative spaces are messy, right?  Or so I tell myself.  But also, I think I’m going in this weekend and cleaning that place up.

I’m kind of naturally scatterbrained.  I try really hard to write things down so I don’t drop the ball, but sometimes it happens.  Also, all the emails I get from all my kids’ different teachers/all the different papers they send home every single day, really stress me out.  How in the H am I supposed to keep track of all that stuff.

My husband hates chocolate.  Like won’t eat it at all, hates chocolate.  I do not understand this. But I’m like, okay.  More chocolate for me. ;-)

 My Ethan is obsessed with legos.  We, I mean “Santa” made him a lego table for Christmas and Craig and I are still patting ourselves on the back for being the most brilliant parents on the planet.  He looooves that thing.  Sometimes at night I catch him up waaay past bedtime gleefully constructing little intricate worlds out of those interlocking bricks on said table and my momma heart turns into a big old puddle on the floor.

tell me something random about yourself…

casual outfit


a few of the best weekend deals from around the inter-webs.

somebody please go buy this amazing Kate Spade pencil skirt.  It’s 60% off and they don’t have one small enough for me and it’s breaking my heart.

I tried on so many amazing sweaters at Gap this week that are all (still) way discounted and then I didn’t buy one, because I was like “oh I’m going on a cruise in a few weeks, I need to buy cruise stuff, blah blah blah.”  But now they’re all haunting me, because I looove sweaters and I live in Seattle so there’s ample, ample opportunity.  Also they are having a promo, take $50 off your order of $100. TODAY (1/24) ONLY.  use code: 24HR

Have you seen this ampersand sweater at JCrew Factory?  Swoon…  Also, the sweater from today’s post is half off, I could live in this thing it’s so comfy.

Old Navy is offering 20% off all regular priced items and 40% off sale items.  Online only.  use code: TREAT.  This black jumpsuit is calling my name and one of the reviews said it works great for petites.   Also it has sleeves.  Finally!  A modest jumpsuit I can actually wear!

40% off full-price styles at Banana Republic.  use code: BRTIME  Also, juuust in case you didn’t know, you can shop Banana Republic Factory store online now, and they have an extra 25% off clearance right now.  use code: EXTRA25

For the home:

It’s Pottery Barn’s annual White Sale right now.  20% off bedding, bath and more.  This duvet which looks just like the one I featured in our master bed reveal last week (except a billion times better quality) is on sale.

If Pottery Barn isn’t your jam, it’s also Target’s White Sale right now.  Up to 20% off bed and bath, plus get $10 off when you spend $50 and $25 off when you spend $100. use code: HOME

Up to 50% off furniture at World Market.  also, have you seen their laundry baskets?? LOVE.


bathing beauties.

summer one-piece

Hat: JCrew. Suit: Nordstrom (size up!) Sunglasses: H&M (similar.) Lipstick: MAC (costa chic.)

 So Craig and I are headed to the Caribbean for a cruise in just under six weeks.  We’re both beyond excited because the last tropical vacation we took was when we went to Hawaii the spring I was pregnant with Ava.  (she’s now over 2)  In other words, we could really use a little break.

We’ve been getting our fannies in gear, working out and I, of course, have already started to plan what I’m packing… but mostly, I’ve been browsing through dozens and dozens of one-piece bathing suits, looking for one that not only flatters my body, but that also feels like me.  I feel like I’ve gotten really lucky in the bathing suit department lately.  Now that one pieces have come back in style, there are so many gorgeously glam options that not only make a statement, they’re also flattering, and modest.  There were so many years where that wasn’t the case and since I avoid bikinis for personal and religious reasons, there weren’t a lot of options available in general, and especially for someone like me, who has the tiniest chest, possibly on the planet.  A few of my favorite places to find great glam one pieces are Nordstrom, J Crew, and Anthropologie.  And here are my 8 current favorites.  I’m planning on adding at least 2, possibly 3 of these to my suitcase before we leave.  Eeek!

Are you traveling somewhere warm anytime soon?


 more gorgeously glam one-piece suits below!


la, la, la, layers…

graphic sweatshirt, plaid, and stripes

cognac leather jacket

graphic sweatshirt, leather jacket and plaid

how to wear navy hunter boots

how to wear your graphic sweatshirt

layered outfit with plaid and stripes

Jacket: Anthropologie. Sweatshirt: JCrew Factory. (old. similar here, here and here.)  Shirt: JCrew Factory. (similar here.) Scarf: Gap. (on sale right now.) Jeans: Old Navy. (similar here.) Bag: Target. Boots: Hunter Kids. (adult version here.)

If there’s one definitive thing I can say about my personal style, it’s that I love to dress in layers.  The more the merrier.  The hardest thing about living in Arizona was that I could basically never wear layers. Luckily, living in the Pacific Northwest gives me ample opportunities to pile them on and I hate to waste an opportunity like that.

I’ve been searching for a great striped scarf for years and on Tuesday, I found one.  Day made.  The colors are perfect, and it’s such a chunky knit I just could not resist.  It didn’t hurt that it’s also on sale

Happy Thursday Everyone!

It’s weekend eve!

layered winter look



classic dressy look

corilynn dress

poppy coat, white floral dress

Coat: ASOS. (also similar here.) Dress: my design. Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. (similar here.) Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction. (similar here.) Umbrella: old. (similar here.) Necklace: JCrew. (similar here.)

When you get yourself an orangey-red coat and it just happens to be the exact same shade of orangey-red found in the floral print of a dress you designed, and also happens to match your favorite orangey-red bag as well, you call that serendipity and then wear the three of them to church.  This coat has become my absolute favorite new addition and I love that it coordinates perfectly with my Emerson’s Garden dress.  Happy coincidences are my favorite.

white floral dress by corilynn and a red coat


black and white.

black and white layered look

black and white sweater, with denim

black and white with denim

layered rain look

rainy day look

rainy day look with hunter boots

Sweater: Target. (on sale! also love this similar one here.) Shirt: Old. (similar here.) Jacket: Old Navy. (similar here.) Coated jeans: Old Navy. (similar here.) Boots: Hunter kids. (adult’s here) Bag: Ivanka Trump. (similar here.)

Just in case you can’t tell by the state of my hair, it was raining so much when we took these pictures.  I’ve always enjoyed the rain, and it’s a good thing too because we get so much here.  My cost-per-wear on my rain boots has got to be down to a fraction of a penny by now.

I love this bridge.  It’s just a stone’s throw from our house and every time I drive past it, when I’m heading out to run errands or go into the city, I always marvel at the arches.  It’s not a big bridge or anything all that substantial, but it sure is pretty.  People create some really beautiful things.  I’m reading “Unbroken” right now (it’s so good, by the way) and the suffering and cruelty in it, the triumph, I don’t know, it reminds me not just how horribly inhumane humans can be, but also how beautiful and kind they can be as well, how indomitable.  It’s also put a lot of my own struggles into perspective and helped me see outside myself a bit– always a good thing. Which is just one of the many reasons why I love to read so much.  Perspective.  I remember feeling this way after I read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning,” years ago, and I think it’s about time I pick that book up again.

Which reminds me, I’ve almost finished “Unbroken,” and I’m looking for another great read.  Any suggestions?  It can be anything, even a silly novel.  Just a book you read and loved.  Ready, set, go!

red hunter boots



winter outfit red buffalo plaid and stripes

buffalo check and stripes

corilynn buffalo skirt

buffalo plaid and red hunter boots

mixing prints buffalo plaid and stripes

rainy day outfit

red buffalo check and stripes

red buffalo plaid skirt by corilynn

red buffalo plaid skirt, striped turtleneck, denim jacket

Buffalo Skirt: my design (find it here.)  Turtleneck: Forever21. (best, softest turtleneck ever.) Denim Jacket: Old Navy. (similar here.) Tights: Loft. (best opaque tights I’ve ever owned.) Boots: Hunter kids. (adult version here.)  Umbrella: Target.

Okay, first off.  How amazing was that Seahawks win yesterday?  Holy cow.  I thought all hope was lost and then nope.  Just inspiring.  I know this sounds completely stupid, but it felt like such a metaphor for life.  You know, all that “not packing it in in the last few minutes, going that extra 10%, not giving up on yourself…” etc, etc.  I know that sounds really cheesy, but there it is.

We had such a rainy weekend, (shocking for Seattle, really) and you guys, my hair.  Frizz city.  My skin loves this weather and my hair hates it.  Time for a keratin treatment.  I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, partly because it’s so expensive, but mostly because the last time I went to get my hair done I came out looking like Joan Jett.  Black hair, bad bangs, fringe, the whole she-bang, and I’m just a little bit apprehensive about going back, especially because my bangs are finally, finally(!) starting to get some length again.  Please tell me I’m not the only person who has post traumatic hair disorder… because seriously.

Also, I feel like you should be the first to know that our buffalo skirt dropped in the shop today, and we’re doing a very limited number of them.  This skirt is so good you guys, and it’s got pockets… It also pairs really nice with this turtleneck which I loved so much I bought in two colors.  You know how nuts I can be about stripes. ;-)  Also, if there ever comes a day when I get tired of mixing prints, wait, who am I kidding?  There’s no way that’s ever happening.

Happy Monday everyone,

let’s kill it this week!

fun buffalo plaid winter outfit


weekend sale favorites.


We’re having a rainy, rainy weekend, so I’m doing a little shopping from the comfort of my cozy living room, with a hot cup of chocolate and warm fire.  Here are a few pieces I’m currently craving, all of them on sale right now, plus find all the best sales this weekend from around the internet below.  xo

Extra 30% of clearance at JCrew Factory.  USE CODE: TICKTOCK

Please tell me you’ve seen Anthro’s winter tag sale?  Extra 40% off all those sale items right now.  There are so many beautiful pieces to wear, to lounge and to nest in the sale section right now, I’m dying.  USE CODE: EXTRAEXTRA at checkout.

Lot’s of pretty things on major clearance at Gap.  Plus and awesome sale up to 40% off.  USE CODE: LAYER

Old Navy’s entire store is on sale right now, up to 50% off.  This floral jacket is calling my name.

40% off at Banana Republic. USE CODE: BRWEEKEND

This long sleeved-romper from Piperlime is perfect and it’s half off.

Loft has 40% off new arrivals and 60% off their sale items.  This tweed striped sweatshirt is so good.


master bedroom reveal.

nautical bedroom 2

bedroom builtins

jewelry storage

magnetic jewelry storage

nautical bedroom 3

nautical bedroom 4

nautical bedroom


In November, I shared with you all a “before” pick of our old master bedroom in Utah.  Today I’m so stoked to (finally) share the finished product with you.  The difference a little paint can make on the feel of a room, seriously blows my mind.  The bottom half of the wall was already a nice neutral color, so it was just the top that needed some serious brightening up.

I was lucky enough to work with Sherwin Williams on the redo, I’ve used their paint for years, since we owned our tiny cracker box first home way back in 2006 and I’m always so happy with the outcome.  Even though we were painting the walls a soft off-white over a dark faux treatment, we only had to do 2 coats.  The paint went on beautifully, nice and even, and the walls looked so fresh and bright when we were done.  “Moderate White” was the perfect creamy white I was looking for, and it created such a nice soft clean light in the room.

I wanted our master bedroom to feel very bright and airy, and since I’m a sucker for all things nautical (someday I will own a sailboat, mark my words)  I decided I wanted a subtle coastal undertone in the room as well.  And by subtle I mean hanging a set of oars over our bed, haha.  I loved the way it turned out.  It was immediately so much easier to keep my bedroom clean and laundry free, and it really became a space I actually liked to be in.  Now if I could only get the motivation to paint our current bedroom.  (the walls are a horrible green color that I despise, and with all the dark Seattle days I’m just craving something light.)  All in good time… ;-)

I’m including as many of the resources from the room as I could find below.  If I couldn’t find the exact item, I tried to link to something super similar.  Pottery Barn is my favorite and has a ton of really great nautical/coastal type pieces, and lots of stripes.  And I love urban outfitters for distinct home pieces.  And of course, TJMaxx Home Goods is basically mecca, but I’m sure you all know this.

Dresser, headboard, nightstands: IKEA

Oars: Pottery Barn.

Duvet: Overstock(I do not recommend, it faded horribly the first time I washed it). similar here, and much higher quality (I love this one too.)

Boat print: picture taken by me. (I love this one.)

Numbered hooks: TJMaxx. (similar here.)

Lamps: Target.

DIY faux zinc letters (from this tutorial) or buy the real ones here.

Alarm clock: thrift store score. (similar here.)

Wire locker basket: TJMaxx. (similar here.)

Similar throw pillows.

Metal jewelry board (DIY)- everything came from Home Depot- this would work nicely or this.  Lots of great jewelry storage options here.

Paint color: (c/o) Sherwin Williams Moderate White (SW6140)


big thanks to Sherwin Williams for our paint, and to Craig for helping me roll it all on, just to move 2 months later… sorry. ;-)


fit to be floral.

corilynn cora dress with boots

corilynn cora dress made in usa

corilynn cora dress, sheath dress

corilynn cora dress with boots

floral dress by corilynn made in usa

riding boots

Dress: Corilynn. Boots: Steve Madden. (similar here.) Sweater: Old Navy. (similar here.) Bag: Target.

Me and two of my ducklings have come down with the nastiest of colds.  I swear, as soon as you start sending your kids to school, it’s like a revolving virus door.  By the time one sickness has cycled it’s way through the whole family, there’s a new strain setting up camp.  It’s so bloody annoying.  It’s the worst with Ava too because she’s so little it takes her body forever to get better.  Like during the fall when she got a bad barking cough that lasted for basically 2 months.  Her nursery teacher at church just about forgot her name.

 Anyway, my head is a little fuzzy from the decongestant I just took, so I’ll keep this short, but I just want to say, wearing a dress on a random weekday is one of the true joys of being a woman.  I always feel amazing in a dress.  And since we’ve had such gloriously sunny weather here in the PNW for the last several days, I didn’t even need to throw on a pair of tights.  Just a pretty floral dress and my riding boots.

 Take that January!

Happy weekend eve everyone!

floral dress cardigan