a modern-day adventure in seattle with Timberland.

Boots. Bag(sold out. similar. ). Tote: Timberland. (c/o) Jeans. Top. Trench. Letter Necklace. State Necklace.

 One of the questions I get asked the very most (even now that we’ve moved to the East Coast) is what my favorite things to do in Seattle are. So when Timberland approached me about taking you all on a modern day adventure through my favorite city, I jumped at the chance.

I know the streets and sidewalks of Seattle so well, even now when I close my eyes I can still hear it, smell it and feel it all.

So come along for a rainy adventure in the Emerald city.

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fitting room favorites.

Hey guys!  It’s time for another installment of fitting room favorites!  (well technically half of these I tried on in my bedroom because yay for online shopping, but still.)  I love shopping this time of year because it’s spring and that means there are lots of stripes, ruffles, and floral prints!  Also, I’m kind of nuts for all the new mule slides coming out this season…

I’m loving all the drapey trenches out there this season.  This beauty was an XS regular and I definitely think I need to order it in petite and probably XXS.  It’s so pretty though.

Here’s the shorter version, and I love the peplum detail.

I am obsessed with the pleated ruffles on this top. Wish the sleeves went a little further down because as a rule I don’t love my upper arms.  But I might make an exception for this beauty.  There are so many gorgeous pleated tops at Banana this season.

Ruffles and stripes and sleeves that go to my elbow.  Yes please.  I’m wearing an XS here and the fit is perfect.

This dress is heaven.  I snagged in on sale too!  I wish it came in a 00 but 0 is the smallest size.  I’ll probably have it brought in a bit eventually, but I can definitely get away with not doing that.  I love the gray with the pink.  So pretty.

These pants are so fun.  Super comfy and the fit is really good.  I tried on a 00p and the fit perfect. (And they’re on sale!)

Can you ever go wrong with a classic breton striped shirt in the spring?  Love this bright red. It’s hard to tell in the dressing room light, but it’s a nice poppy red.  I’m wearing an XS cause I like my tees a little more slouchy. (It comes in Navy too!)

Okay, I was kind of on the fence with the whole, slide on mules thing, but these pretty blush shoes totally changed my mind.  I am obsessed with them.  They are so comfy, and now I’m thinking I need to add a neutral pair to my closet… something like this.

I love the pleated detail on this top.  And the tiny stripes.  It’s a little more cropped than I usually like, but the fit is good, its got a pretty ribbon tie in the back and you would not believe the price!

Okay this is another one of those shirts where they combine all my favorite things.  Blue, white, stripes and ruffles.  I love the fit on it. (Sorry for the wrinkles!) Probably should have ironed it before trying-on.


Speaking of stripes… I’m not usually a huge bell sleeve lover, (partly cause they aren’t super practical when you’re mom and washing your hands all the time, and partly cause I’m short and it’s hard to find one where the sleeves aren’t too long) but this top has totally changed my mind.  The sleeves are the perfect length, not too belled, and not too long and the tie is so so cute.

Also, I love how cute it is tucked in, and it’s got buttons all down the back. So cute.

This Tory Burch Handbag arrived last week, and I am already obsessed with it.  It’s the perfect size, so structured, and it’s the perfect camel color.  At well under $300, for a Tory Burch bag I feel like it’s a steal (and it’s not even on sale).

I’ve been wanting to find a great pair of white boyfriend jeans for my closet this spring/summer and I thought I would give these COH ones a try.  I’m usually either a 24 or 25 in jeans (depending on how they run) and I thought I would try the smaller size since usually boyfriend jeans run big, but these actually don’t run big.  The fit wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for, I already have a pair of white skinny jeans that I love, and I really wanted a true boyfriend jean, so I sent these back and I might try them in a bigger size.  They’re obviously too long, but all my jeans are when they first come. #shortgirlproblems

Okay, this is the white dress version of that striped ruffle top.  Isn’t it adorable?!  I love the length and the fit (once again I should have ironed it).  It’s the perfect little white dress for summer, and I think it would be so cute with a cardigan when it’s a little cool outside.

I wasn’t sure if I liked this gingham dress when it came, the sleeves are a little puffy.  And while Anne may think that puffy sleeves are kind of fabulous, I generally steer away from them because I’m 4’11;” I don’t need to look anymore precious.  But this dress is actually growing on me.  I might shorten the sleeves a bit, but I think it’s a keeper.  I love it with jeans, and it would be cute without too.

So there you have it!  Favorites lately from the dressing room!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

feeling home with Persil Proclean and Target.

Jeans. Sneakers. Similar Top.

Can I tell you something that happened to me shortly after we moved to Connecticut?  It was late one night, all the kids and Craig were asleep, we were in a hotel and it hit me.  A big fat rush of homesickness.  The initial excitement of moving had dulled a little, we were one week into a several weeks hotel stay before we were going to move into our house.  Every time I ventured out, I felt completely disoriented, everything felt foreign and different, I didn’t know a soul in this time zone except for my husband and our realtor.  And suddenly I missed Seattle and those gray skies, and evergreen trees, and all my friends and all those familiar crazy foresty roads so bad I could hardly breathe.  I cried.  And then I cried some more.  For like two hours I cried into my pillow and thought, what have I done?  Uprooting us like this, leaving everything familiar, everything that feels like home.

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indigo spring with AG.

Jeans. Top. c/o AG. Similar Striped Top. Similar Jacket. Wedges. Bag. Sunglasses. Necklace. Ring.

You all know that I’m  big denim person.  I’ve always love wearing jeans, and being a mom has only perpetuated that love, plus aren’t boyfriend jeans a mother’s best friend?  It’s like, “hey, I’m wearing these super chic on trend jeans, because I’m so hip and stylish,obviously.”  And really you’re thinking “these jeans are more comfortable than pajamas and so functional.”  If jeans are my love language, I swear distressed boyfriends are a dozen roses.

Although my love for denim runs deep, it was only in the last couple years when I really started investing in good denim.

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