pink sole.

Pink striped sweater.  Jeans. Loafers.(c/o sole society) Sunglasses.(similar.) Bag.(c/o sole society) Ring. Necklace.

Full disclosure guys, I froze my ankles off shooting this outfit.  Literally.  I think it was the fastest shoot we’ve ever done.  It’s still freezing here and I’m sure will be for a while.  The last few days have been cold and I’ve been living in my cozy sweaters and warmest boots.  But I know that many of you, like me, are feeling a little over winter, so I wanted to give you some spring inspiration, and also show you another way to style this great pink sweater for the coming season. (You can see how I styled it for winter last week here.)  I try to never buy anything for my closet unless I can think of several ways to style it with pieces I already have.  Every time I don’t follow that guideline, I regret it.

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outfit inspiration: simple but chic.

pom sweater. jeans. (great for petites) leather jacket. backpack. booties.(on sale) watch. necklace. ring.

Last night I was talking with my husband about how my style has evolved over the years.  Perhaps evolved isn’t the correct word, it’s more like I’ve refined it.  I’ve honed in on what really speaks to me, the clothes I really like to wear, what I reach for daily, and how I want to dress.  The older I get the more streamlined my wardrobe becomes, and I’m really happy about that.  The point of all of this is, let yourself and your style evolve with you.  It’s a fun exploratory experience.

Now about this look.  I get asked all the time for good jeans recs for petite ladies.  One of my favorites is the Rag and Bone Capri skinny jean style.  Yes, it’s still too long, but the fit is still really good for the rest of the leg and the denim lasts forever.  I wear mine so often and they still look new.  Plus with the unfinished hem trend, it’s super easy to just snip them off to the length you need (although wait till you wash them at least twice!- I prefer 3 times.)  Also, how dang cute is this Madewell pom sweater??  I kind of love pairing something fun and whimsical with something a little more edgy like a leather jacket and booties.  The juxtaposition is fun and the neutral colors keep the look simple but chic.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  There’s snow in the forecast again.  Man, I hope they don’t call another snow day. :-/

3 trends you should try this spring.

overalls. lace blouse. loafers. bag. sunglasses. necklace.

I’m not an overly trendy girl, which you already know if you read this blog.  I prefer the classics, things that will be in style year after year, that I know work for me, my body, lifestyle and personal style.  That’s how I’m happiest getting dressed, how I feel most confident, and get the most out of my closet.  However, once in awhile, a trend comes along that I love that also happens to be classic and fun to wear.  That’s just a win-win all around, and you can bet I jump on board with those ones…

Here are 3 trends you should try this spring:

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blue valentine.

Sweater. Jeans. Coat. Scarf. Similar Bag. Necklace. Loafers.

Right now, I’m sitting on the couch in my family room.  My husband is in the kitchen listening to U2 while he does all the Super Bowl dishes (I cooked the food, it’s fair ;-), Ava’s asleep on the sofa next to me.  I’ve started this post probably 4 or 5 times already, without any good idea what to write.  That happens occasionally.

Also, this is a tide commercial.

(just kidding.)

(but really, best of the Super Bowl.)

It was a really nice weekend.  We got a lot of work done on the house (we’re ripping apart the downstairs bathroom, more on that later) and a lot of business work done, (so many exciting things coming this year, you guys!).  We had some fun, and I spent a lot of time helping Hannah edit the big 8th-grade project that she’s been working on since before Christmas.  Guys, how do I have an 8th grader?

Craig and I are discussing whether we should get a Turkey and raise it for Christmas.  I’m a little nervous about that, (mostly the killing to eat for Thanksgiving dinner part of it).  My husband is campaigning hard.  We were looking through the turkey ordering brochure after church today, and I was suddenly thinking to myself, “how did this become my life?  I’m shopping for turkeys to raise.”  And all the while my husband is explaining the intricacies of feather color and how it affects the look of the cooked turkey.  Farm life looks good on him.  It’s good on all of us.

But on to the most exciting news of the weekend…

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